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The 6 best houses we've seen this year

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With 2016 coming to an end, we can't help but reflect on all of the amazing housing projects we've seen here at homify. Since we were feeling a bit sentimental, we've been going through and revisiting some of our favourites, and we think we've gathered quite the list for you today.

This list showcases the six best houses we've seen this year. For variety, we've chosen homes of different decor styles, heights, volumes, and materials.

Browse through and let us know which one made the biggest impression on you!

1. Streamlined look

This is a simple home that does things differently. The façade is bright yellow, as if welcoming the sun, and contrasted with stark black frames around each entryway. 

Interesting interior

Inside the home, we see loads of quirky accessories. A colourful hammock, tons of books, wood and stone structural elements, and a streamlined home plan make this home one for the record books.

2. Charming

Our next home is classic with a contemporary interior. The structure resembles the old-timey design, but has a unique glass enclosure that transforms the home into an airy and innovative place. The red brick path that surrounds the home and the glass enclosure attribute a picturesque charm.

Just as beautiful inside

We see the same pristine white on the inside of the home, but this time complemented with warm wood and earth tones. The open plan design makes this feel extra light and airy, which complements the chill vibe.

3. Paradise found

This is a lavish but welcoming home you'll love. Glass, stone, and a bit of nature help create the perfect opulent entrance for these residents. 

At night

Evenings in the back of the home provide just as much entertainment as the rest of the home during the day. The expansive terrace filled with comfortable lawn furniture would be nothing without these generous spotlights.

4. Just right

If you're looking for a home overflowing with elegance and style, we've found it. Timber and white reign supreme here. The flooring stretches up the far right wall to form an innovative built-in bookshelf and the matte white balances the modern furniture. We have an interesting partition separating the living and dining room from the kitchen, which isn't uncommon in open-plan homes, yet this one is quite unique. It offers full access to the dining side but is completely closed off to the living side. This separation ensures an equal mixture of dialogue and privacy.

5. Volumize

The idea of the single family home is not new to us, but this innovative design is. These architects used different volumes to create various spaces, and even used one of the volumes as the base for a rooftop terrace.

The interior

It almost seems as if the terrace from the exterior has continued into the interior, and that's partly due to the nifty sliding glass doors. Because so much of the home's façade is made of transparent glass, tons of natural light is allowed inside and visually enlarges the home.

6. Welcome home

Our last home is a home that stands apart from the rest. When situated in the suburbs, its important to have elements of your home that make it unique. This home las larger than life ceilings and a quaint terrace to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack. And what's more, the interior is strikingly modern with minimal decoration that welcomes all who enter with wide arms and comfortable surroundings.

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If you had to choose the best of the best, which home would it be? Let us know below!
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