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9 furniture ideas to make everyone jealous

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We have brought together for you a list of perfect living room decorations that will give you an idea if you want to make an innovation in your home and renew your living room. These days, with homify, you can make copies of your living room ideas inspired by beautiful, unique decorative  trends.

You can create living rooms that will show your home more elegantly by taking advantage of these ideas listed below and brainstorming for some personalization. This living room examples on the homify living room page will inspire you, bringing you innovative, contemporary and imaginative living room ideas that are in harmony with your personal style.

Lighting and spaciousness

The lighting that you use in the living room will add to the elegance of the area. You can contribute to making your living room become a special living space by choosing special lighting accessories as seen in this example.

Elegant living room

It would be sufficient to increase the clarity of your home by using a combination of light hues together as if you were in a sample living room.  Also, when choosing furniture, you should pay attention to the color tones and choose more neutral tones for a spacious living room.

Harmony and contrast

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For a living room to look perfect and flawless, it will suffice to match the colors as shown in the picture, and to make perfect harmony with all of the furnishings. The sitting room in the example living room and the central table and the floor covering are decorated in a very harmonious manner. Also the tables on the wall increase the elegance of the living room.

Coffee table with mirror surface

The coffee table in this living room is very similar to the sitting room, so you little choice. However, when you have a chance to choose, the coffee table covered with glass and reflective features like the picture above, will make your living room perfect.

Aesthetics of contrasting colours

By using contrasting colors in the living room, you can create a different inner-harmony in your home. In bright tones your seating groups will make your living room look spectacular when you choose your floor covering in dark colors! Contrasting always works!

Monochromatic decorating is a great technique and we have some great articles to guide you through this process.

Modern furniture

When choosing furniture you will use in your home, make sure to choose modern furniture so that your home has a contemporary look. In the example living room, the modern living room is supported by a modern coffee table, ensuring that the house has a contemporary feel.

Bright and spacious

For a spacious living room it would be enough to choose an airy room overlooking the garden. However, by decorating this room in light tones and choosing sitting groups also in light tones, you can make it a great sitting area! If you're looking for a pop of colour— large-scale art work with collaborating pillows will do it.

A great stairway

If there is a staircase in your living room, you should include the staircase in the living room decoration and make it a part of the space. You can have a magnificent living room like the one pictured by choosing brown and making the other living room elements available in neutral tones.

White purity

The living room is white, spacious and provides a peaceful area, which is decorated with light  and neutral tones. You can also choose a dark carpet so that the whiteness is balanced and you can have a living room that affects the human visual process. 

The living room is undoubtedly the most-used and communal space in any home, hence it deserves a lending hand when making it the most it can be! We hope you use homify to make your living room comfortable, convenient and exquisite!

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