2017 Trends: What you will need to have in the house next year?

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Are you a person who likes to be in line with the new trends? Often changing the decoration of your house so that not even a corner seems left out? You carefully follow the news in the field of interior design? Well, then you're in the right place because this article is designed just for you.

With less than a month til the end of 2016, and we already know some of the new trends for next season in the context of interior design and decoration: colors, materials, accessories and more. Therefore we offer you a tour that will take us into 2017, in order to prepare ourselves with a nice collection of inspiration. Let's start!

1. Colours

Gray, already appreciated in 2016, will surely be consolidated and spread in all the decorative elements, alone or in combination with other colours  Also at the center of the interior design scene we confirm the use of terracotta tones put into the background with other colder colours like blue or white. Tastes will be oriented towards the pink and especially a wide range of coral, as well as to golden details.

2. Wood, always

Wood is unrivaled.  It is one of those timeless materials that regardless of the period we are in one way or another is always on trend. In 2017, it will be presented in its most natural and untreated way, in order to enhance the grain and texture.

3. Marble, a classic that is strongly coming back

Despite the primacy of wood, there is another material that will be established in 2017 in interior decoration: marble. After a period in which its popularity was rather low, the trends of 2017 will recover it not only as a coating, but also as a structural element of furniture, along with all the materials that imitate it as well.

4. Walls with personality

The walls will have much to say next year and, among the new features for 2017, we will find finishes that are industrial with textures close to that of concrete. This will complement the decorative role of wood and marble of which we discussed above.

5. Printed with natural and geometric patterns

The propensity for natural decorative patterns or psychedelic patterns will also be present in the trends of 2017. If you want an alternative to the materials to which we have referred to above, you can safely bet on wallpaper.

6. Fabrics

The world of fabrics will be characterized by a taste for the combinations and compositions of natural fabrics with cotton, wool etc; There will, in fact, be several materials part of the trends of 2017, but also the various mixture of prints and patterns.

7. Velvet

It should be said that there is a fabric of which next year will be the focus of the eyes: velvet. Long gone are the years when it was relegated to the royals and gaudiness. In the next season  velvet will be seen on pillows, couches, armchairs; adding elegance in your home. If velvet isn't of your tastes, another fabric rising to popularity is denim!

8. Passion for metal

The presence of copper, and metals in general, in all kinds of items and accessories will be another strong trend of 2017. In both cases, these are materials that go perfectly with all kinds of decorative styles, from the industrial to classical, via the Nordic, the eclectic and colonial styles. So whatever your beloved style is, do not forget to introduce metallic elements in your decor. Lamps, for example, can be the perfect accessory to add to this trend.

9. Style and possibility

Have you still not found the most appropriate style for your decor? You're in luck, because the trends of 2017 will open an interesting range of possibilities that are fashionable. Nordic style will continue to hold the top spot thanks, among other things, to its penchant for natural materials, neutral colors and straight lines. But it will not be the only one to stick around. The taste for industrial aesthetics (which we saw expressed through the role of concrete or other materials such as copper and metals) or the curious combinations that result in eclecticism, with modern elements and vintage antiquities at the same time.

10. New techniques

In addition to the 2017 trends in colours, finishes or materials, we can talk about new developments in the techniques of decoration. Here we would like to mention splatter decorations or, similarly, a type of surface treatment that seems sprayed onto articles Of textiles and furnishings. Do you have enough courage to produce items of this genre? It's an easy way to give a touch of originality to your home!

Which of these innovations of 2017 intrigues you the most? We hope you feel inspired to find some new decoration techniques as the new year approaches!

Which of these trends is your favourite? We can't wait to hear more!

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