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​Older than 30? Get rid of these things right now!

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We understand the pain of being an adult, of being responsible for your own decisions and no longer being able to blame your parents for life’s unfairness – it’s not like anybody asked you if you wanted to get older, right?

But cheer up, as it’s not that bad – at least you are now in charge of quite a few fun things, like what’s for dinner (no judgment if you opt for cereal and wine) and how your home looks. Yes, even though turning into an adult doesn’t guarantee that you can pick and choose your house, you are still, to some extent, in charge of how it looks.

Which brings us to a very important step if you want to consider yourself a responsible, mature and style-conscious adult (or are older than 30 years of age) – things to throw out! 

Let’s see what they are…

1. TV stands

Just because that little TV table your television stood on in the store looked okay doesn’t mean you have to use it for your own home. 

Try and do something different and more decorative, like purchase a sleek credenza or opt for a wall-mounted television.

2. Fleeting furniture

You know those pieces that are simply there to offer up a seat or fill up a space and which you have no intention of keeping forever? Those don’t belong in a mature adult’s home!

Ensure your choice of sofas, tables, and wall art (among other pieces) are decent features that complement both your home and lifestyle.

3. Posters on your walls

Those movie posters against your walls were acceptable when you were in school and college – not so much these days.

If they tie in with your love for cinema (or look smashing in your movie room), at least opt for decent frames that complement your interiors.

4. Fluorescent floor lamps

Why opt for something that casts a very unflattering glow on just about everything? Incandescent- and soft lighting floor lamps are just as accessible, yet much easier on the eyes. Plus, they can do wonders for your complexion.

5. Too small rugs

Your choice of rugs needs to be beautiful and functional while also providing a decent underfoot feeling – not just to fill up space. And make sure you get them in the largest size that can fit your room.

6. Cheap bedding

Wykeham Court by WN Interiors homify Modern style bedroom

Wykeham Court by WN Interiors


Adults work (and play) hard, so treat yourself to some decent bedding to ensure a good night’s sleep.

7. An unmade bed

Turns out your mom was right to lambast you for not making your bed as a child. It helps you set the right tone for both your mood and your interior look, so rather spend those extra two minutes every morning.

8. Plastic crockery

They are acceptable for picnics or children, not for your elegant get-together with friends.

9. Tacky picture frames

Modern Living Room with the Asian Touch Rosangela Photography Living room
Rosangela Photography

Modern Living Room with the Asian Touch

Rosangela Photography

A casual and colourful frame here and there won’t hurt, as long as it doesn’t damage the overall style of the room.

If you’re not sure what to go for, invest in classic silver-plated frames or other styles that look and feel sophisticated and flow with your décor.

10. Kitsch shot glasses

If those funky shot glasses are reminiscent of good days gone by, then keep them in a cabinet somewhere in your kitchen or bar area. 

Just ensure they don’t resort to a cluttered look.

11. An empty fireplace mantel or bookshelf

There are so many things that we can put on these surfaces (flowers, framed photos, books, keepsakes, etc.), so why would you opt for clean space?

12. Plastic plants

If your commitment to indoor greens starts and ends with dusting, you’re doing something wrong. Opt for indoor plants that only require a small amount of water and attention – it will instantly freshen up your space.

13. The pillows that came with your sofa

They were selected by the store to help sell the sofa – and the store has no idea what your interior style looks like. Buy different sized pillows/cushions, use an odd number (it’s more artful in design), and play with different colours and textures. 

homify hint: Consider the pillows’ sizes: about 45 cm for a sofa with typical dimensions, oversized ones (60 cm) for a casual look, and 40 cm for a modern sofa with a very low back.

To help you achieve a beautiful space, see these: Small changes that will transform your home.

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