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An old industrial space is turned into an impressive modern home

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As cities expand and residential areas are strained by the demand, we are seeing more and more industrial spaces being repurposed as exciting new modern homes. Because the unused properties are often relatively cheap, there's usually a little more in the budget to decorate and make the space unique and dynamic, but perhaps the best part about renovating an industrial space is using the existing elements as trendy design features.

Today we're going to take a look at a house that has done all that and more. The dilapidated concrete and brick building looks at first view to be completely unusable, but the experts at homify had other ideas, and after drafting a plan they managed to turn the place completely around. The results, somewhere between ultra modern apartment and gallery space, really have to be seen to be believed, so let's get into it!

Before: an old dairy barn

This structure started off life as a dairy farm, but as the city expanded around it, and they were no longer able to store livestock in the now urban area, it fell into disuse. 

There doesn't appear to be much to salvage here, and admittedly the carpenters did have to clear most of the interior out due to structural concerns, they were still able to use a number of the pre-existing features in the new design, including the brick walls and the big beautiful timber rafters.

After: a stunning living area

It's only after the place has been refitted that you get a sense of just how huge the space is. Rather than subdividing it to maximise profit as most owners would do, they've instead opted to use the entire space to create a family home, and the results, as you can see, are amazing. 

The main area has been used for an open plan living area, featuring a living room, a dining room, and a massive kitchen. The living room is incredibly welcoming despite it's industrial surroundings, with bright colours, a hanging chair suspended from the ceiling, and a mixture of new and vintage furniture giving it a shabby chic vibe.

After: the mezzanine

The mezzanine floor has been used to house a bookcase big enough to give the local library a run for its money. We get a good look at some of the original features that have been maintained from this level, such as that giant wooden rafter, and the brick foundation pillar, which has been decorated with a couple of framed pictures to give it a homely touch. 

Due to the massive size of this place, it's crucial that there's adequate lighting to keep it bright and welcoming, and you'll find ample light fixtures throughout the house that are both stylish and practical.

After: the dining area

The corrugated roofing has been restored, and looks brand new, lowering the ceiling in the dining area for a more cosy and contained vibe. The dining table is funky and modern, really adding to the fun personality of the decor. The new floor is sleek and shiny, complementing the industrial elements, and bouncing light around to ensure that the room never feels dull.

After: massive windows

The living area uses massive windows that extend across almost the entire wall to ensure plenty of light enters the home, while privacy is ensured by the enclosed patio area outside.

After: the kitchen

The kitchen stretches across the entire length of the structure, providing plenty of storage in the cabinets and more than enough space for preparing food, while a recessed shelf houses all of the utensils and general kitchen supplies. The kitchen is super modern with its flat panel drawers and brand new appliances.

After: the patio area

This is a real luxury in industrial spaces, as there's rarely an outdoor area available, but they've done a fantastic job here. With a patio big enough for a cafe, they've used timber boxes and plenty of greenery to give the place a touch of nature to offset the ultra modern interior. We can imagine plenty of long afternoons lounging about in this fabulous patio!

After: the bedroom

The bedroom is an absolute dream of contemporary design, managing to incorporate the industrial elements that make this home so special, while still looking cosy and comfortable. The private ensuite bathroom features a giant and luxurious tub, while a wall of cabinets reduces the need for any extra furniture. What a gorgeous room!

After: the office

Because a space as large as the living area can be distracting, they've installed a small office. Those timber rafters are a lovely rustic touch, and they've matched them with hardwood floors, and timber furniture to tie the room together.

What a stunning renovation! It just goes to show what's possible when ambitious architects roll their sleeves up and let their imaginations run wild. For another impressive before and after story check out this renovation!

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