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We generally move into the countryside for one reason; to take advantage of the stunning surroundings. Whether you move to the beachside or into the unkempt wilderness it's crucial that you home has an inviting and luxurious space to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful vistas. The owners of this home were only too aware of that fact, and decided to build a magnificent timber terrace surrounded by a gorgeous garden so that they could make the most of their home's magical spot.

Building a garden is no simple matter, but the experts here at homify excel in making the impossible seem easy, and today we're lucky enough to get a look at the process. The land surrounding the house was an uneven mix of weeds and gravel, so the first step was to clear the area out, and level it, and once that work was done they were able to begin construction on the terrace and lay down the perfectly manicured grass that surrounds it. Now let's take a look at how they did it!

Before: preparing the land

As you can see the house is impressive to say the least. A really modern structure with timber slats that add some traditional warmth, and provide inspiration for the terrace to come. Here you can see the experts checking the levels; it will need to be completely flat to provide a solid foundation for the terrace. There's an awful lot of work to do yet!

Before: gravel and weeds

There's a little bit of greenery, but that hardly counts as a garden. With the land covered in gravel and weeds they are going to have to completely clear the area out and start from scratch. The concrete barrier wall in the distance looks a bit sad, adding nothing to the appearance of the garden, but it does feature planter boxes ready for some new life.

Before: the beginnings of the terrace

The gravel is gone, the weeds have been cleared away and replaced with fertile soil, and the terrace has been constructed. Using the same timber as they have for the home provides visual continuity, as it appears the home simply extends horizontally outwards. You can see they have they left a small square in the centre of the terrace, we can't wait to see what they use it for!

Before: the varnishing begins

Well that answers that question, they've used the small square area for a tranquil zen garden! Stone gardens are great because they are super low maintenance, and when you do need to give it a little love it is a meditative process, promoting peace and calm. 

You can see they've begun to varnish the deck, this is important not only to give it an beautiful sheen, but also to protect it from the elements and prevent the wood from rotting.

After: the complete picture

Well it looks like all of that hard work has paid off, this terrace looks simply spectacular. The new grass is lush and vibrant, and looks fantastic against the varnished timber. A pergola down the side provides a sheltered area, perfect for al fresco dining, and its white foundations are echoed in the clean white line that marks the boundary of the terrace.

After: the end of the world

The advantage of completely leveling the land is it creates the illusion of a sheer drop at the boundary, like an infinity pool but with luxuriant grass instead of water. You can see the symmetry created by the white boundary here, almost as if the wall of the house has fallen straight over to provide the terrace.

After: an expansive backyard

From this angle you get a sense of just how big the new garden is, with plenty of space for the kids to run around. The concrete wall has been painted white to match the home, with trees planted along it in the planter boxes. We can only imagine how majestic it will look when those trees grow to full height, merging with the greenery of the surrounding hills, protecting the home from the elements, and providing extra privacy.

What an absolutely beautiful garden, and now that you know what's possible you can start planning a terrace for your home! For more great tips on beautifying your home with timber check out these amazing bathrooms!

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