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8 effortlessly beautiful two-storey houses

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With land rates and costs higher every day, it's harder and harder to build a two-storey home It would still be a good solution to build on your own grounds, but there is not much more space around these days. When there is more space to meet the needs of the people in your house, it will be perfect.

For those who are looking for ideas for building a two-story house like that, this list is a collection of double-storey houses, with a beautiful facade—and they're all from many different countries in the world. Home is where you feel at your best, and the next 8 homes are definitely at their best!

1. Tropical style

This home is a two-story house that we are all relatively familiar with. It lies in a tropical climate and focuses on being in harmony with nature. It was built taking into account the limitations of the natural environment in and around the home, such as the use of the roof slope to allow water to flow down from the roof area. This is also a way to allow air to flow into the home as well.

2. Modern style

The modern style homes are among the most popular in today's society. The architectural style arose in the era of value and aesthetics. It's simple, without the useless ornamental bits and bobs but somehow the style often features a flat geometric roof and plenty of glass to allow light inside. Sometimes it may not suit our climate, but it can be combined with other styles, such as a tropical style. The simple design emphasises space, making it suitable for all weather.

3. Modern timber use

Sam's Creek homify Modern houses

Sam's Creek


Also popular nowadays is the use of wood, a staple material in a lot of homes over hundreds of years, in modern home projects. Here, it produces those clean parallel line across the facade of the two-storey house, and reflects the natural elements of its exterior environment through its incredible range of earthy tones and gorgeous golden undertones. 

4. Two-storey home made from a container

This industrial style home is made from two industrial containers. This kind of project is becoming more popular in recent years; it's relatively cheap and simple. They provide strength and durability for a stable house and can be stacked at several layers high. Another common use for the industrial containers include being transformed into coffee shops or office blocks. However, there are limitations to these containers when building a home from them. 

5. Retro farm house

For those who love the rich, classical style, try injecting some life into the old houses of the European countryside. In a rural home, there are often many rooms and they are often large houses that have stood there for years. They are usually made from materials you can see around in the environment, such as stone and wood, which highlight the craftsmanship and work involved in creating these incredible spaces. 

6. Brick and stone

This two-storey home in Portugal is built from stone and a brick lining. This shows lots of natural stone shapes from the outside of the house, reflecting its countryside environment.

7. Out(side) with the old, in(side) with the new

While the outside of the house shows a rough surface, the architect chose to make a difference on the interior of the home. The Scandinavian style interiors contrast beautifully with the coarse texture of the exterior walls. Rough outlines of the house make the home look attractive and surprises you when you walk inside!

8. Floating on water

We are familiar with the river and floating homes, as they were ideal before there were no roads. Sometimes the most beautiful houses are a waterfront home or houseboat. There is no need to maintain ancient architecture on the water—you can involve a mix of modernity and technology that makes a floating house a home. It all comes together to create a chic, unique kind of home.

9. A two-storey mixture

This two-storey home blends together lots of different styles. The structure of the building follows a whitewashed, modern style. However, one side of the building displays exposed brick, mixing it's angler modern style with an eclectic element.

10. A garden bunk

MEERA SKY GARDEN HOUSE Guz Architects Modern houses
Guz Architects


Guz Architects

Finally, we're at number 10 with a trendy building that is environmentally friendly. A beautiful house with a garden and a green roof acts as both first storey and second storey. The building contains two floors and requires a lot of attention, consulting with engineers and architects. The general look and a variety of trees in the garden gives us a lovely summery feeling! It is important to live in a conscious effort to maintain and protect our environment, a duty that this house takes seriously.

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A tropical home with an interesting interior
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