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What you should not have at home if you are over 30 years old

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There are habits we learn when we are students and while we live with our parents that remain forever within us, or at least accompany us for some time, consciously or unconsciously. These, in many cases, are present when decorating or designing our home  For example, buying the same brand of cookery that your mother or grandmother had; Choosing certain furniture and decor just because we have always done it; Or certain color to paint the walls of the room, or to decorate doors, etc;

This article contains a list of habits and things that you should not do if you do not already live with your parents and if you are no longer a student. What you should not have in your home if you are over 30 and live independently is an assessment based on questions and conversations with people who have passed this age and who have shared their interests and habits. At the end of the article, you can share with us whether you agree or not. Stay tuned!

1. Plastic furnishings

Plastic chairs on your terrace or garden are a no-no. They are economical and practical, but honestly they do not give a good impression.

2. Historical features

You would be surprised at the amount of people that still frame and hang diplomas and recognitions from primary school up through college. Absolutely do not do this, unless you have professional certifications hanging in your professional place of work.

3. A disastrous kitchen

Life over 30 isn't an episode of Fresh Meat—no matter how much you may want it to be.

4. A poorly used patio

Start investing in the exterior of your home! Add a simple weather-resistant area rug or some furnishings. Well, not plastic ones!

5. Small over unused

It's better to have a small patio that's ready for a cookout or a night with friends than nothing at all.

6. Student decor

Forget concert posters, Rastafarian reggae decor and Christmas lights in the middle of summer. Also, beer and wine bottles are never acceptable as flower vases. 

7. Add simple, yet functional decor

It's really incredbily easy to add great decor to a room that's affordable. A few shelves, some coloured lights and nesting table and you're on your way.

8. Complete dinner sets

Invest in dinner plates, beer, wine and champagnne sets. These are surprisingly handy the older you get and as your budget allows, we promise. 

9. Sleeping on mattresses

Purchase a bedframe. It's as simple as that. Doens't have to be fancy, nor expensive, but lift your bed off the ground. 

10. A bed with no duvets or bedspreads

Add proper fitted sheets, regular sheets and comforters. You should always have extra in storage for cold nights and friends that might stay over as well.

11. It's always better to have a fully functional bed. Agree?

These are the simple items you need to have a completed bed—so there is no excuse. 

12. An entrance where people are afraid to enter

Need we say more..? Paint, proper lighting and exterior plants are all options to improve the situation.

13. A jacuzzi

This can even be to impress friends, not because you really want it.

14. Dirty and cracked walls

There is no excuse for cracks in walls. If you find these to be structural cracks, be sure to report anything like this to your landlord—it could be an issue with the foundation.

15. Stuffed and unused items

Invest in a proper storage system! These can be handy in any room of the house, and if you're tight on space use a cellar unit or rent an external unit to free up space in your home.

16. Furnishings with corners and lots of glass

Especially for those living with children, be sure to rid yourself of the 80s and 90s-esque glass, sharp-cornered furniture. 

17. Doors or details to be fixed

Cabinet doors that are slacking or off the hinges is a no-no in adult-style living. These things tend to be a simple fix anyways.

18. An air conditioner in poor shape

Invest in a proper air conditioning unit and if this is part of your rent, attempt to work out a deal with your landlord. 

19. Having plants and not taking responsibility for them

Part of being an adult can sometimes mean keeping things alive—imagine that! If you purchase interior plants take care of them!

20. Furniture in poor condition

Throw out any furnishings that can't be refurbished, upholstered or fixed. 

21. A study with no proper decor

This is a classic early--adult move. You design a home office or study, but never actually organise, use it, or decorate it. Change this immediately and you'll be surprised by how much you use it!

Why not choose some minimalist decor to make things easier?

22. Decorating like a child

Take the time to really narrow down your interests, your tastes and what makes you happy! That's what adult life is all about!

What do you think of our suggests? We bet some of your are slightly laughing as you might be guilty of some! That's ok, homify is always here for your decorating needs.

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