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How to achieve a beautiful patio with little space

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Some of us are fortune enough to have outside space at home. If you have a patio, albeit small, where you can have plants, space to sit and enjoy the sun, and where you can marvel at the sunsets and see the stars at night, then it's really a crime not to learn how to decorate it in the best way.

In today's article, we will show you nine patios that are designed to take advantage of space and portray an organic and natural air.

So join us, and why not steal a few ideas along the way?

1. Outdoor wicker

Wicker was very popular in previous decades to furnish or decorate patios and gardens, but has unfortunately fallen into disuse. It is still very attractive, as proven by these hanging chairs with matching table. If we want to give our patio a fresh and tropical air, we should not forget to consider wicker in open spaces or semi-covered patios.

2. Wooden benches

The iron or wooden benches in the garden make us feel like we have a seat at home. This corner surrounded by plants and flowers is the perfect place to retreat from the mundane noise for a while with a good book and a glass of lemonade in summer or a cup of our favorite tea in winter.

3. Narrow patios

The shape of the patio should not deprive us of making this space a very attractive place. We will simply have to opt for smaller and narrower furniture and dispose of them as close to the walls so as not to interrupt traffic. Plants in small pots and small shrubs will complete the set.

4. Coatings in different textures

This patio has many different textures. A small wooden deck in the area of the loungers, stone floors and also stone walls, but different from the floor. Arranged plants were added to the textures of the linings in stonecutters, pots and hanging pots.

5. Immaculate white

This patio almost looks Mediterranean because of its unpolluted palette. This scrupulously clean and very white space favours relaxation, disconnect the mind of the busy day to day and enjoy a beautiful siesta in the Paraguayan hammock, listening to the sound of the wind in the treetops.

6. Decorative pots

These decorative pots become the focal point of a tropical-inspired patio. The bamboo water fountains are an original and very distinctive touch, and the ferns and palm trees do the rest.

7. Al fresco dining

This small gallery sheltered from by roof of the balcony is a fabulous space for a delicious al fresco meal while appreciating the beauty of the well-kept garden. It is important to choose a table that is not too small or too large in confined spaces like this one.

8. Indoor patios

Indoor patios can be as attractive as outdoor pairs. In this case, it was created an interesting wall that looks more like a mural and was filled with plants that allows us to enjoy nature indoors.

9. Don't leave out the lighting

Exterior spaces are as favoured by the magic of lighting as the interiors. In this patio, the lighting is designed by levels, starting with the lights embedded in the concrete seats, the rustic lamp on the right, and the three lanterns on the left. 

If you liked these patio ideas, you might be interested to find out how to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area!

Now that you've browsed through these patios, do you have a better idea about how to outfit yours? Let us know below!
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