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A flawless minimal home

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Nan Arquitectos Minimalist house
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As we face growing urbanisation, a lack of space, soaring house prices, and, perhaps, a distaste for excess, many modern houses are getting smaller and smaller. Embracing a more minimal home life, many are reducing their footprint, both physically and environmentally. 

Minimalism has become the style du jour, not just in architecture and interior design, but fashion, furniture, product, and lifestyle design, too. The noble rejection of excess has turned into the hottest trend, the ultimate symbol of taste. 

This home, by NAN Arquitectos,  is a delightful example of minimalism, not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for the way it embraces a smaller, more simple way of living. Let's take a look, outside and in, to see how the famous Mies quote 'less is more' rings true!

The exterior

From the very outset, the values of the home are introduced. The simple, paired back exterior is far from boring; the minimalist design is fresh and novel. The visual appeal is instant. No extravagant design, no flashy materials, no gaudy excess. Paired back and ornament-free strikes a chord that opulence never could. 

Glass, glass, glass

Much like the famous modernist homes designed by masters like Mies van der Rohe, this home's boxy shell is enclosed with large panes of glass. Light floods the interior and the connection between inside and out is strong. The window and door joinery is recessed for a seamless look; when the doors are opened, one can step from inside to out without so much as a step.

The interior

The internal spaces of the home are equally refined and rational. The exposed concrete ceiling brings a stunning asperity into the interior. Raw, irregular, with its construction marks on full display—there is a sense of the home's evolution, the process of construction is revealed. Elsewhere, the sleek white materials bounce natural light around the space, creating a bright and inviting living environment. 

The bedroom

The bedroom is afforded the same levels of natural light. The black window joinery frames the large glass panes which offer stunning views of the surrounding land. 

From the inside

A central fireplace divides the bedroom into two spaces: a sleeping area and a sitting area. The colour palette in neutral and calming, while the materials opt for an array of soft and subtle textures. It's a charming space of repose that one would dream of all day long.

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