They built the entrance to their house and it is stunning!

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It’s not that often you pay attention to the entrance or porch that welcomes you into a house. But sometimes, there are entrances that are so beautiful, we can't help but take a step back and appreciate them.

Today on homify 360, we're showing you one of these captivating entrances built by the flooring professionals at PHU Bortnowski. They were given the task of creating a totally usable entrance to their home that not only gives the façade a new face, but is also a totally usable space that's ideal for enjoying the cool afternoons in the company of family and loved ones.

Let's see how they did it!

Measure twice, cut once

This maxim is very used by professionals in the construction industry who have experience and know-how. By being absolutely sure of your measurements before you cut, you ensure that less errors occur during construction. Here we can see the experts in the process of measuring the large section of wood. They will then cut it and fix it to the structure.

Preparing the ground

Our professionals wanted to create a gradual climb to the doorway of the home. This was made possible by first creating a bed of gravel and then placing wooden beams up the slope of the land.

Fixing boards

Once measured and cut, they proceeded to fix each of the pieces of wood that gradually form the entrance platform to the house. This was done by means of a few nails and some adhesive and special resin, which ensure the fixation between the elements.

The use of gravel

The gravel here has two functions in the formation of the wooden platform: first, it provides a base that helps to level the already finished portion, and secondly it is an excellent way to drain the water that can penetrate the base, which helps to prevent the wood from getting wet and risking the structural integrity of the platform.


Once all the pieces that form this new entrance area had been placed, the final finishing was done on the platform and steps by sanding, polishing, and varnishing each piece of laid wood, thus ensuring an incredible look while also making the wood more resistant to inclement weather.

Taking advantage of space

In addition to the wooden slats that created the platform, wooden blocks were been built that serve as extra bench seats. This helped create a space where multiple people at once can hang out and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Final touches

So here is the beautiful porch entrance that welcomes you into this cozy house. The addition of a lightweight metallic pergola, which was beautifully decorated with creeping vines, creates an environment with a very close connection to nature. The festive lanterns add illumination at night and hints of bright colour during the day.

Saying goodbye

For our last look, we take a few steps back to admire the overall view of the finished project. The tone of the wood used on the platform perfectly matches the tiles covering the sloping roofs of the house. The vines in the small metal pergola help to create  pleasant shade, mitigating the high temperatures caused by the direct rays of the sun. This simple project has given  more value and character to this beautiful house.

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After seeing these professionals in action, do you feel like you could undertake a similar project? Let us know below!

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