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8 small, beautiful and cheap houses

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In big cities, we are used to living in tiny apartments, while homes in rural areas tend to be larger. But have you ever considered living in a super small house? Let's, break your prejudices about small homes and make you fall in love with them!

1. Minimalism

As the outside of the house, the bathroom offers simple and fine lines. The side wall of the bathroom is completely covered in glass, which seems like an interesting choice. The mirror, also in linear forms, completes the large windows. With this beautiful view of the garden, the bathroom does not require more interior decoration.

Asian style

The first example is a house built according to oriental architecture  The roof is large and striking, and the building uses elements of wood and a contrast between colors.

Note the huge amount of glass windows and doors, allowing plenty of natural light to enter the house, as well as making it possible to view the outside landscape from within.

2. A wooden house on wheels

This house is very small and the structure is of low cost. If you do not like the view of your house, a house on wheels allows you to move when you wish. No matter how small, it has everything a small family needs. And the best, its cost is extremely low.

Full-scale kitchen

The kitchen of the small house was designed in a simple yet functional way. In addition to having all the basic equipment for a kitchen, it still satisfies the need for storage: with shelves at the top and a covered area under the sink. It really is a miniature kitchen!

3. A different exterior

Already this example is a small house, of modern style, built beyond the main structure. The wood panels that cover the exterior are designed for thermal insulation, helping to save energy.

Open plan living area

Inside the small house, a new world opens. The kitchen is joined with the living room. In addition, there is a mezzanine, with a sleeping place, accessible by stairs built inside the room. The area has small windows, with a sofa positioned in front of them, and a yellow armchair that complements and adds decoration.

4. A contemporary home

The house above has a contemporary design in just 50 square meters. It has two floors and a striking burgundy wine as the predominant color on its exterior. With the sloping roof and a wall completely covered in glass, this small house has a very interesting architecture.

A wood interior

The interior of the house is very simply and completely covered with raw-looking wood. The simplicity of the interior is also present in the absence of furniture, with the highlight of sofas and black armchairs.

5. Strong contrast

As in the first example, the roof is sloping and black, contrasting with the white exterior wall. The different touch, and color, is due to a garden in front.

Stylish interior

The soft decor with neutral colors makes the ambiance a bit grand. The softer tones and floral pictures on the wall add elegance to the ambience.

6. As blue as the sky

We are not very familiar with colorful houses. Especially in wooden houses.

Although a bit more spacious than the other examples, this house is extremely modest and has a functional structure.

7. A home amongst the wilderness

This is a real wooden house in the forest, located in the city of Bursa, Turkey. The two story house has attractive and very exquisite landscapes around it.

A classic living room

The living room of the house is decorated in a classic style, made entirely of wood as the exterior. In addition, it also has a natural stone fireplace.

8. A charming apartment

The last example is a small and charming apartment which, although small, is presented in a fantastic way. Once again the flowers and plants give a special touch to the property.

A modern living area

This small room is tastefully decorated, with less furniture and more accessories, such as plants and pictures. The rustic wall in the background adds a special touch to the modern decor.

We hope these small homes have given you a realistic idea of all your options, if you're planning a move, or if you're tired of city living! For more small home inspiration, stay here at homify!

So, have we convinced you to try small-scale living? Tell us if we have!
FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Prefabricated Home

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