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9 beautiful homes that are like no other

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 Here at homify we come across an astonishing array of beautiful homes, and equally we can find beauty and merit in almost any property. However, some homes undoubtedly stand out amongst the rest as truly unique and attractive abodes.

 That’s what we’re bringing you today—a list of some of the most spectacular homes we could find.

 So read on and get ready for your jaw to hit the floor as you survey some of the most stunning properties you will ever see.

1. Minimalist and majestic

House of Lines & Courts studio XS Modern houses
studio XS

House of Lines & Courts

studio XS

 The intricate lines and courtyard spaces make this magnificent home something truly special! The size and extent of the windows that cover the property let in a fantastic amount of natural light and bridge the gap between outdoor and indoor space.

2. Return to the embrace of nature

 This stunning courtyard space forms the entrance to one of the most stunning homes we’ve ever seen. The breathe taking property benefits from double height ceilings as well as wall-to-wall glass in places that make the idyllic home feel completely open to the outdoors.

3. Impressive all around

 The ‘House of Curves’ was designed by Ansari architects to emphasise curved shapes, and this unusual design has produced quite an impressive home. The lighting at night plays off the home’s shape to stunning dramatic effect.

4. Pool house

 This vast home goes down swimmingly thanks to the impressive pool at the property’s front.

5. It works on several levels

 The ‘B Residence’ is a wonderful example of original architecture with stunning stonework and an intricate multi-layered structure.

6. Serene and sheltered

 This beautiful home benefits from a large stretch of greenery at its front that shelters the dwelling from noise and pollution. The striking modern design of intersecting layers with pergolas is as impressive as it is original.

7. Sublime surroundings

Private Residence, Koregaon Park, Pune Chaney Architects Minimalist house
Chaney Architects

Private Residence, Koregaon Park, Pune

Chaney Architects

 Nestled amongst trees with canopy’s that cover the area this lovely luxury home comes with stunning views of the grounds that surround it.

8. A home without walls

 This astonishing abode is open to the outdoors in virtually every area of the house thanks to glass, terrace spaces and open-planning that creates a wonderful, fluid and complex home.

9. Contemporary and one of a kind

 This opulent home is aptly named ‘Urban Nest’, and comprises of three storeys with a lush, green courtyard space and a pool.

 We hope you’ve enjoyed this rundown of radiant homes. Now let’s check out some great gardens!

Which of these amazing homes was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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