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6 inspiring ways to revamp your walls

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If your home's interior is starting to feel a little bit stale and uninspired, then we have got some great tips for you! Beyond a coat of paint, we often don't think about decorating our walls until our home decor is almost complete, and even then we don't tend to go much deeper than hanging a few photos or posters up. That's all going to change when you see the innovative ways the interior decorators at homify have used wall features to define the decor of their projects.

Decorating your walls is a really easy and effective way to give your home a fresh new look. Whether you opt to completely renovate your walls and install an exciting new feature piece, or simply decorate them as a fun holiday project, we've got some ideas that will motivate and inspire you, and in no time at all your home will look brand new!

1. Paint a beautiful mural

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This is one of the easiest and most fun ways to revamp your walls, and the best part about it is there's really no limit on what kind of image you choose to paint! You can go with a beautiful landscape, majestic wildlife, or something a little more abstract and expressionist like they have here. It's always a good idea to use colours that complement the decor of the room, but beyond that you can let your imagination run wild. 

This is a great idea for creative types looking for a fun holiday project, especially if you have bored kids, but there's no shame in getting an expert in if you want really professional results!

2. Wallpaper

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Wallpaper fell out of fashion for a while there, but it's back in a big way. Advances in materials and techniques mean many of the old problems of swelling and wear are a thing of the past, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your wallpaper will look spectacular for years. 

There's a ton of benefits to wallpaper, you can choose from a variety of colours and patterns to suit your taste, and it will work in any room, plus it's a very low maintenance way to completely redefine the decor of your home!

3. Tile mosaics

Tiles are another really versatile way to decorate your walls. You can opt for simple repetitive patterns, exotic designs, or you can follow the example of these creative decorators with a busy eclectic pattern that's full of bold colours and personality. 

Tiles are generally used for the bathroom and kitchen because they have a sleek surface that's easy to clean and resistant to water, but as you can see here they look amazing anywhere in the home.

4. Climbing vines and vertical gardens

Here at homify we love indoor plants, they're a fantastic addition to every home. They purify the air, they smell glorious, and they give your decor a burst of energy and colour that can't be replicated. Generally though we don't go much further than a few pot plants, and we rarely recognise their potential as a wall decoration.

There's a bunch of different ways to use plants to decorate our walls. Probably the easiest is the vertical garden, in which you build a planter into the wall and use layer upon layer of foliage to completely cover the wall in green. Our favourite approach though is the creeping vine. Generally reserved for outside, they work just as well indoors, and will really bring a room to life.

5. A stone feature wall

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This is another interesting way to bring the landscape indoors, and allow the inherent beauty and colour variation of stone to influence your decor. This is probably the most difficult idea in this article, and unless you're a seasoned DIY expert we don't suggest you try to do it on your own, however the results can be magical.

This home has really developed the idea, creating a water feature with pebbles at the base, but you can keep it relatively simple and it will still look magnificent. Stones come in a variety of different colours to suit your home, and will add texture and depth that just can't be beat.

6. A gallery wall

Gallery walls are all the rage right now, and they're also the easiest way to completely revamp your interior walls. There's no better way to show off your personality and taste than curating your very own private gallery in your home. You can use modern art, frame your favourite posters, or try out this really unique idea and create a family tree using personal photographs!

Well now that you're armed with the ideas, it's time to get started beautifying your walls and completely updating the decor of your home! For more great design tips check out this article on making your living room classic and elegant.

Tell us which of these ideas was your favourite in the comments!
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