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15 ideas for the entrance to your home

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Access to the house is very important, because they speak about how we take care of our house and what interior arrangement suits us. At the same time, the front door must meet the basic function, which is of course protect us from burglars and keep our possessions and family private. 

The entrance style you choose should match both the façade and the outside garden, should you have one. Your door should also emphasize or contrast certain aspects of the façade. But the door isn't the only aspect that we should pay attention to. Stairs, lighting, and surrounding greenery are also of utmost importance.

So to get you started on your entrance project, here's a list of 15 examples of phenomenal entryways. We're sure there's something for everyone here, so dive in and find yours!

1. Classically

The door to the house should match the arrangement of the entrance. This door design impresses with its simple, but at the same time it's attentive to the details of execution. Iron railing combined with natural wood - how could you go wrong! These doors fit the rustic houses where we value style and elegance. 

2. Modern with an expression

A modern door that uses a combination of materials is an interesting solution that will suit most façades. They serve as an excellent barrier against unwanted intruders, but also present well with the arrangement of the house. For added aesthetics and security, spot lights hover over the door and highlight the modest entrance and vegetation.

3. Colourful door

This charming house in the countryside adjusted its entrance accordingly to the landscape. A beautiful rustic, wooden door painted in red adds energy and optimism to the whole home. However, if you're wondering about choosing the right color, it may be blue, green, pink or orange, but what matters most is that it fits the rest of the house. Try to be creative and don't be afraid to use striking colour–painting the door is not a sin! Colour enhances detail and creates something special for the entrance.

4. Appropriate path

Not only functional, but also aesthetic and decorative –so should be the ideal path to the home. You can create a garden path  with different materials such as stone, gravel, concrete, or wood. The arrangement of the garden and our needs will depend on what you select. Regardless of what type of path you choose, it should be durable, resistant to frost, and slip-resistant, and of course match the style of the home.

5. Properly lit

We know we don't have to convince you about the magical possibilities of lighting on mood. If your entrance has stairs, they should be properly illuminated so you and your guests don't trip over them. Lights also make your home seem overall more dignified. Get some motion sensors too if you want to up your security game.

6. Simple

Simple solutions are often the best. Classic wooden door, respectively finished wall and a walkway around the building leading to the entrance-everything in its place.

7. Slits

Here's another simple entrance design, but this time we have a slit of vertical glass in the centre. In addition to adding character, it gives you a small peep hole to see who's at your door.

8. Glass

More and more often, we decide on transparent glass doors that let in the maximum amount of natural light. This is not a solution that will work in just any case, however. We have to remember about privacy! So mix your glass elements with different materials for a less intrusive look.

9. Decorative

We usually think of decorations inside the home starting from the hallway. However, at the entrance to this house, the entire space bordering the door is a work of art, and what a great first impression indeed! Mosaic tiles of different colours and patterns connect well with the bold red door. The whole entrance presents itself vigorously and encourages them to cross the threshold of the house.

10. Modern but traditional

Here is an example of beautiful doors made from all-natural wood. They are modern, present themselves with class, and at the same time represent a synonym for simplicity.

11. Futuristic

These doors perfectly fit the futuristic arrangement home and are additionally emphasized by the sophisticated lighting.

12. Warm

This door immediately brings warmth and comfort to mind. Light-coloured wood in combination with white walls create an incredible atmosphere.

13. Vegetation

Lush greenery around the house is probably the dream of anyone who loves flowers and plants, and a beautifully designed garden makes it a point of honour. Even those who are not fans of gardening will appreciate this addition. Plants at the entrance  that are lively and green with pops of colour from budding flowers are simply beautiful and bring the area to life. Practice your symmetry and place matching plants at both sides of the entrance.

14. Stairs

Stairs that lead to an entrance need to be taken care of for good presence and safety. Properly designed and constructed stairs have a big impact on how your entrance into the home looks, and sometimes it's even crucial. Stairs should be resistant to moisture, temperature changes, and dirt, which is why stone is such a popular material for this. 

15. Elegant

Lastly, we take you to an entrance of pure elegance. Black doors with silver trim is about as graceful as it gets, and the higher they are, the more imposing and serious they come across, which is great for deterring burglars.

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Were you able to get any ideas for your entrance? Let us know below!

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