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15 pictures that prove that black and white bathrooms always look amazing

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By now, we have quite a few articles on monochromatic—or black and white—decorating. We love bright white walls, dark flooring and black and white decorative elements when used in interior design. We especially love classic black and white chequered flooring—which you will see more of below. 

This time, we decided to focus our attention on black and white decorating as it pertains to bathrooms—large and small, rented and owned—new and old. As the new year approaches, why not make one of the smallest rooms of your home your first renovation project to try a new colour scheme! We promise you'll reall enjoy the bathrooms below!

1. Chequered flooring

A classic that we return to again and again—chequered flooring. Black and white chequered flooring is both historic and incredibly modern!

2. It's all in the details

Bathrooms/ Dynamic444 Dynamic444 BathroomBathtubs & showers

Bathrooms/ Dynamic444


Don't forget to look at the details when adding black and white to your home. Sometimes all you need is a simple black and white tile floor to make all the difference with a wooden step-in shower. 

3. Monochromatic textures

Why not add slate for the black and use marble for the white elements? Combining multiple textures is always a recipe for great interiors. 

4. Black and white shades

Sticking to the grey scale can give you much success in interior design! We even wrote a whole article on decorating with grey!

5. Leave white in the details

If you go with a lighter shade of black, then using white details is a great choice, like seen here with this great tile work.

6. A bathroom of antiques

This 1920s/1930s style bathroom is one of the best on this list. With black floors and a black tile trim details, it's really all the black you need with all of the antique features. 

7. Consider interesting tile work

Geometric tile work is all the rage right now, and especially when done with black and white, it's perfection!

8. Luxurious and elegant

Why not choose black for all of your accessorising details?

9. Leave black on the bottom-half

Leave black on the bottom half like seen here if you're looking to make your bathroom look larger and fresh.

10. Quaint and small

Perfect for smaller bathrooms (you'll see another example below) black and white can create a modern, yet rustic look.

11. Black on the upper-half

This slate colour is wonderful for this angled bathroom and the white appliances really pop next to it.

12. Small, with great mosaics

Black and white is great colour choice for those of you with small bathrooms too! Simply add some great tile work, or new floors and a great black and white photograph that's framed and you're good to go.

13. Black and white with brown floors

Brown hardwood floors? No problem! Black, white and brown just so happen to look fantastic together!

14. A place for everything

By using white on the majority of the bathroom and black on the floors, this bathroom creates the illusion of more space perfectly.

15. Matching vanity

By continuing the tile work onto the vanity, this black and white bathroom offers a cohesive and modern design! Especially when you consider the white accessories, bath tub and sink.

Are you looking to improve your bathroom in the new year? Whether you're renting or owning, bathroom renovations never have to hard—check out these suggesting for those of you that are renting!

Which of these monochromatic bathrooms is your favourite? Tell us!
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