15 of the best small bedroom tips… ever!

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Small bedrooms are never an issue when it comes to the great ideas that we have here at homify. We actually prefer small spaces as they force you to think strategically and carefully. Small bedrooms should be valued for being just that—small, and with the right colours, furnishings and even small-scale cleaning tips, there's nothing they can't do.

These tips are fast, easy and accessible for all—even for those of you that are renting. Starting with a good base is the first step to success in interior design, so clean your entire room, make a plan and choose a colour palette and you're off to a good start! The tips below will get you going in the right direction!

1. Use partitions to create separate areas

Double bedroom studioarte Minimalist bedroom

Double bedroom


Adding a small partition to a bedroom can easily create extra spaces and designate specific areas that otherwise would be non-existent. 

2. Use underbed storage

Main space homify Eclectic style bedroom

Main space


Need more storage space and room for seasonal clothing? Under the bed is a perfect way to achieve a maximum usage of space.

3. Want deskspace? Use multifunctional furnishings

Multifunctional furnishings are the best way to add more efficiency to your room. Simply attach a desk to the wall and you're set to go for a day of blogging.

4. For small chidren's bedrooms…

Children will undoubtedly have plenty of toys and other small items, beds that are multifunctional in nature are the best for them where they can reach and help with evening clean-up.

5. Or double-up!

Build up to make the most of a small bedroom for children! you can even create a bed on top and work area on the bottom for nights full of homework.

6. Add fun wallpaper to one wall for some colour

Wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add some colour or texture to your small bedroom. Make sure to keep the colours light in order to make the room appear larger.

7. Storage units!

If you're already using underbed storage, then consider using ample wall space to add to the rest of the storage systems and units!

8. Keep window units clean and open

The simple task of cleaning windows and keeping them open will add amazing results to your small bedroom. Just look at how much light is brought into that space. 

9. Sliding doors for privacy

For studio apartments and student housing, consider opaque sliding doors to add a sense of privacy and alone time.

10. Keep everything white

One of the best suggestions for small bedrooms? Paint everything white and add all-white bedding for an exquisite, minimalist look.

11. Mirrors create the illusion of more space

Marylebone LEIVARS Modern style bedroom



Optical illusions are the best when it comes to interior design! Add a full-length mirror to make your room look double the size and for a great area for evening prepping.

12. Always make your bed

It only takes two minutes and it will make your bedroom look clean and organised. Make the bed and place all clothing, both dirty and clean, where it should be.

13. Use light pastels

Looking to add a light colour for a nice touch? Pastels are your new best friend in small bedrooms! Check out how great this mauve pink is!

14. Nesting tables!

Master bed by WN Interiors homify Industrial style bedroom

Master bed by WN Interiors


For bedside tables and extra tables for use during late work nights, nesting tables are perfectly compact for small bedrooms.

15. Use the ceiling for extra furnishings

Look up for inspiration! Instead of taking up legroom with chairs and furnishings, attach hanging chairs and accessories to the ceiling for an optimised use of space.

Small bedrooms are nothing to be woeful of, they're actually great, private areas that you can truly make your own. For more bedroom inspiration, check out the top bedrooms of 2016.

What do you think of our tips? Are they useful to you? Tell us more!

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