9 home mistakes that you shouldn't make… but you're doing them anyway

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We can't all be professional interior designers, but this is certainly not an excuse to be content with living in a messy and sad house. Whether it's an improvement project gone wrong or an overloaded room of memories, all of us have at least one place in our homes that could be at least a little bit nicer.

So where do we start? Well, first of all if you are on homify, so the first step is done! Now we just need to find out what the 10 most common mistakes that people make when decorating the house are.

Keep scrolling and see for yourself what you can avoid from now on.

1. Unsatisfactory bathroom furniture

People often get dressed in the bathroom, but one thing's for certain: you care for your body here and sometimes it carves out a few precious moments of relaxation. For this, we have to devote special attention to furniture. Use pure sumptuous accessories and small precious objects.

2. Disorder

Disorder is never okay to have in the home. It suggests sloppiness, gives off a stressful vibe, and plays no role in the characterization of domestic spaces. Make sure you have good storage facilities (drawers, cupboards, shelves, etc.). They will be valuable allies for bringing order to your rooms.

3. Mattress and shoddy sheets

Besides being beautiful, the bedroom should be very comfortable. How can you hope to feel better if you sleep for a whole night on a poor quality mattress? Invest in a decent mattress and a bit of attractive bedding. Your body and your mind will thank you.

4. Overdoing it in the bedroom

Even if you love your bright colours, always opt for a colour palette that conveys serenity–it is essential for an undisturbed sleep. We suggest, in particular, to choose neutral colours or a combination of soft colors.

5. Ignoring the room's purpose

Do not lose sight of the vocation of the room–we cannot stress this enough. Keep the main functions of the space in mind and furnish accordingly. Don't put a giant L-shaped sofa in the office where you plan to do work unless it's a multifunctional area, for example. Save that for the living room.

6. Overloading spaces

A room with too many elements conveys the same feeling of negativity as an empty space or a poorly furnished one. Avoid furniture that is too large in small places and try, rather, to fit in the best furnishings.

7. Ignoring natural light

Even the best source of artificial light does not guarantee the same kind of welfare that a ray of sunlight provides. If you have large windows or even a skylight, let that natural light soak in and fill the room with its warmth.

8. Improper lighting in the kitchen

A single light source in the kitchen may not be enough to make it pleasant space. Layer your lighting with ceiling lights, lamps, and sconces to configure a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

9. The messy closet

Maintaining order and cleanliness in all rooms of your home is important, but it's especially crucial in the closet. Just because your wardrobe has doors, doesn't mean that it should be kept in a state of confusion and disorder. This will not only help give your home a fresher air, but also help you get ready faster in the morning.

If you want to find out more about closet storage, you should check out these 11 ways to store and hang your clothes.

Are you guilty of any of these decorating mistakes? Let us know if this list helped you to avoid it in the future!

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