13 Creative ways to display your television in a small living room

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Living rooms are the next important area after kitchens in a home. But, most living rooms are just the right size and with increasing needs, we end up furnishing the living room to its full capacity.

TVs are almost impossible to do away with and TV-time is a cherished routine for many. So, in smaller living rooms and with increasing TV sizes, how do you accommodate your new TV in the living room? Here, we give you examples of how to include TVs in your smaller rooms:

1. On a base cabinet

If the ceiling height of your room is lesser than usual, stacking up shelves on the walls can further reduce the height of the room visually. We recommend that you use low furniture like base cabinets to place your TV upon. Base cabinets make your room appear wider and taller.

2. With a multi-functional furniture

In smaller rooms, placing a TV towards one wall is a big sacrifice. Using one piece of furniture for the TV and distributing the other pieces around the room can make the room appear smaller. Unless, you dedicate an entire section of the wall to one big multi-purpose furniture than accommodate books, TV, show pieces, etc. Place your sofa/chairs opposite the multi-functional furniture for a rustic look.

3. Place tvs in alcoves

What if your room is just too small & packed, and can barely accommodate your TV? In such cases, if your room has an alcove, make the best use of it. Place TVs in the alcove that you use as a sitting area and arrange your furniture around it. Your TV doesn’t necessarily have to be the centre-piece of your room, it can take a place in any corner as long as it is in view.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

4. Free space, runs by a base

Did you just free up a wall in your small room? Then why pack it with more furniture to hold your TV? Instead, use wall fixtures to hook your TV up on the wall. Most TVs come with such TV holders or you can always invest in one to make your appear bigger. And what’s more! The holder disappears behind the TV for a neat finish.

5. Install TV onto a movable piece of furniture

This is your best option if you have frequent guests at home. Install smaller TVs on to movable furniture frames that you can move around the house. This way, there is always more space in any room you go to!

6. Here, in the forgotten corner!

Often, it is not that room is small, but we do not make the best utilisation of all the corners of the room. Is one of the corners of your room occupied by a plant or a decorative piece of furniture? Instead, empty the corner for a small TV cabinet.

7. Install the TV a little further from the wall

This is a very effective visual trick! Place the TV on a wall, but not completely attached to it, but rather projected outward. This effect makes the room spear bigger as the wall does not look completely occupied.

8. Make use of the dividing wall

Do you have a bigger room divided by another smaller wall? Then, make good use of the dividing wall. Fix your TV on to this wall and place your furniture around it for better utilisation of space.

9. Make the TV your centre-piece

If you are furnishing your room from scratch, then get your TV first and choose which corner or wall it is going to occupy. Then, buy furniture according the orientation of your TV, thus making the TV the centre piece of your livingroom.

10. In a shared room furniture

Like a dividing wall, if you have a common piece of furniture that separates two rooms, then install your TV on this furniture. Now you can enjoy your favourite movie from the living room and the bedroom!

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11. On a ledge

Another perfect way to accommodate your TV in a small room is use a small ledge. This method can only be used if you have a small TV. This will render a chic look to your living room.

12. Install your TV on the wall

If you have run out of all options and there is no other space to accommodate your TV, then the best place is the wall, but in a smaller alcove just enough to fit the TV. It can be laborious to first create the space, but it makes for a good investment and your TV blends with the wall seamlessly.

13. Replace one of your furniture with the TV

If there aren’t many people living in your home and if you decide you really don’t need all the extra furniture lying around, then replace one of your unused furniture with your TV. Accommodate the furniture in another room or simple gift it someone who may need it!

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