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Carcass furniture is defined as the body of a furniture piece designed for storage, as a chest of drawers or wardrobe, without the drawers, doors, hardware.

Essentially carcass furniture adds a modern and eclectic twist to the living room or any other space in the house, exposing the contents of a furniture piece designed for storage. Traditionally, these furniture pieces have been designed to hide the contents with doors and drawers but today, there is something beautiful in being able to see within these spaces. 

There are many different designs and pieces when it comes to carcass furniture and each can add a whole new dimension to the look and feel of a living room. From bookshelves to coffee tables to wine racks, this kind of furniture is revolutionising space and design in the home.

The geometry of simple shapes

Bookshelves are a wonderful way to be creative in the living room, especially when it comes to carcass furniture. By using simple shapes and playing with the geometry of a room, the space of a living room can be completely transformed. This beautiful bookshelf, designed by the Spanish Muebles Madrid Decoracian, makes total use of the vertical wall in the living room in its entirety. Panels run across the bookshelf, in lighter wood and darker wood, creating a funky design but the rest of the bookshelf is essentially a wonderful example of carcass furniture. 

The books, ornaments and accessories stored on these shelves are exposed but remain neat and aesthetically pleasing due to the simple shapes of the shelves themselves. They are varied in shape, moving away from a uniform looking piece of carcass furniture, instead adding an element of trendy design to the piece. The contents are also designed to be seen, adding décor to the room.

Classical furniture in the living room

Classical furniture in a living room can be transformed by the use of carcass furniture. One of the trendiest décor and design tips at the moment is to use wine crates or wine boxes for furniture. This photo shows how four wine crates have been used to create a beautiful carcass coffee table. While the surface of the table is flat and functional, created by the sides of the wine crates, the sides of the table reveal open spaces where the lids of the wine crates have been removed. These can be used for books, accessories, flowers, ornaments or magazines.

Classic furniture such as bookshelves, side tables and chests of drawers can also change the look and feel of a living room if carcass furniture is used. Notice in this photograph how by using simple shelves on the wall for books, the space on the wall has been utilised without space been taken up in the actual living room. 

Elegant design of the facades

Espacios decorados by Wallart CUSTOMS handmade Modern walls & floors
CUSTOMS handmade

Espacios decorados by Wallart

CUSTOMS handmade

A façade refers to the front of a building that faces onto an open space. In this living room, the main front wall that faces into the living room as been utilised by the carcass concept, storing wood on both sides of the fireplace, which is both functional and a beautiful design. Functionally, the wood is stored close to the fireplace for use but aesthetically, it adds warm, earthy tones to the room, breaking up the white and the beige colours.

Façades can be designed elegantly to include storage spaces that are open and stylish, adding creativity and a new dimension to any living room. By making the most of a vertical wall, space is also saved in the living room. This means that there is more room for furniture such as sofas, coffee tables and side tables.

Harmony in beige

Beige is the perfect colour for a living room, creating a neutral and warm tone throughout the room. It also allows for a clean canvas on which to add splashes of colour and light. The concept of carcass furniture has been used here, where a tree trunk has been cut in half to create a coffee table, playing on the idea of shapes and sizes. Beautiful woods can be used in a beige living room in terms of furniture, adding to the warm tone of the room.

In this photograph, it's also clear to see how wooden floors complement the beige furniture of a living room as well as the wooden tables in the room. Colourful cushions, paintings and accessories can be used in a beige living room to create a design masterpiece, adding a modern look and feel to the room. In an open plan home, this also complements the design and décor of the rest of the home.

Spacious Loft

A living room loft is the perfect materialisation of the carcass concept. This gorgeous stone studio by the Italian Studio Di Bioarchitettura Brozzetti Adriano shows the open plan nature of a loft and how carcass furniture can enhance its design. The open bookshelf here is a beautiful and stylish feature, adding to the design of the loft. The wide, open space has been utilised by the use of furniture, sofas, plants and rugs.

A spacious loft is also the ideal living room design, where the walls, floors and surrounding areas can all be used to create the idea place for evening movies, afternoons reading books and game nights with friends.

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In the British style

In the United Kingdom, coats, hats, scarves and boots are often needed in the cold, winter weather. The question is, where to store them without cluttering the living room or entrance hall? This carcass furniture wardrobe is a beautiful addition to any wall, storing clothes, shoes, handbags and any other items needed for the cool British weather, while remaining delicate and stylish.

Often houses in the UK are also smaller rather than bigger, with limited space. Thus every wall, every nook and every cranny needs to be taken advantage of. Include a carcass wardrobe in a living room for a stylish and functional effect. 

Simple forms complex solutions

Wine cellar beneath contemporary staircase Space Alchemy Ltd Wine cellar
Space Alchemy Ltd

Wine cellar beneath contemporary staircase

Space Alchemy Ltd

Often a living room isn't complete without an elaborate wine display, especially in South Africa where the Western Cape winelands provide endless bottles of delicious wine for entertaining guests, romantic dinners and Sunday lunches. There are many ways to store wines and many different designs when it comes to wine racks, however many wine collectors prefer to have their wine on display. 

This beautiful wine cabinet is the perfect example of carcass furniture, where a storage space remains open to reveal the contents within. Notice how the designers have played with the idea of shape, using circles to reveal the vertical shelves. Carcass wine racks can also add a talking point to any living room, revealing different labels and types of wines.  Many designers often opt for wooden wine displays, such as this one, but the colour can vary depending on the look and feel of the living room.

Scandinavian simplicity in the interior

This Scandinavian design by Polish interior architects Avocado shows how simple can be the most effective when it comes to living room designs. This bookshelf, similar to the first picture, takes up the entire wall, making the most of the space that it has to offer. However the designers have kept the shelves open so that the contents too add a décor element to the room. 

A simple, white colour has been used for the bookshelf, complementing the grey walls and the wooden floors as well as the furniture in the living room. The look is not cluttered or messy, which has been achieved by keeping some of the shelf spaces open as well as using some of the shelves do display artwork and ornaments. Carcass furniture is a wonderful design element, opening up the potential for style in any living room. There is no limit to the type of furniture that can be used to do this.

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