17 modern ideas that will make your walls look beautiful

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 How you adorn the walls of your home will—to a large extent- define the décor, so it’s an important decision that will shape your home’s look and atmosphere.

 When we think about finishing the walls, we tend to think paint or wallpaper, but these are not our only options!

 In fact, there’s a wealth of creative ways to finish walls and leave them looking fabulous.  So, without further ado, here are seventeen fabulous finishes for your walls.

1. Plaster, painting and moulding

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LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect

 The simplest and most common solution for finishing your walls is plaster followed by paint, but it can be spruced up with moulding to adorn different areas.

2. Vicenza stone

 This elegant, antique-looking, rough and rustic material is a very popular in Italy. It can be polished, but maintains a distinctive texture.

3. Elegant marble

 From the ancient Greeks and Romans to the present day, marble has retained its appeal as a beautiful and luxurious building material. Furthermore, there’s a multitude of colours, veins and combinations to choose from.

4. Brick texture

 Brick itself is not a coating, rather it’s a construction material, but we can texture and paint an area so that it looks as if it were exposed brick.

Creating a brick texture

 An acrylic mould can be placed over a mixture of cement, and when dry, can be coloured and painted.

5. Melamine

 The smooth texture of melamine can create an elegant, modern look.  Its flexibility allows you to adapt it to any shape and size permitting precise and accurate cuts.

6. Decorative stone

 Another great option for interiors is decorative stone, which comes in the form of thin blocks or tiles for ease of installation. Its texture is less rustic and occupies less space than natural stone, but is just as beautiful.

7. Wood

 Wood is beautiful, insulated, warm and versatile, and it can be both rustic and sophisticated.

Add a little colour

 You can change the appearance of wood by colouring it, but maintain the feeling of warmth and harmony that it generates in the home.

8. Mosaic tiles

Black Lip Mother of Pearl in Bathroom Renovation in Kentfield, California, USA ShellShock Designs Modern style bathrooms
ShellShock Designs

Black Lip Mother of Pearl in Bathroom Renovation in Kentfield, California, USA

ShellShock Designs

 The aesthetics of tiles, as well as their versatility when combining colours make them an enticing option for bathrooms and kitchens.

9. Mirrors

Mirrors bandesign Gastronomy



 We’re accustom to seeing mirrors that cover interior walls in the bathroom or bedroom, but what about mirrors on the home’s exterior?

10. Three-dimensional ceramic pieces

 Embrace your artistic side and incorporate a three-dimensional ceramic piece into your décor.

11. Tiles

 A wall covered in ceramic or granite tiles can become an attractive mural if you choose a colourful design.

12. Rustic stone

 Heavy, non-uniform stone is not exclusively for exteriors. A small wall of rustic stone inside the home can bring a dramatic element to your décor.

13. Whitewash

 Whitewashing your home involves painting with pure lime in water; it's both economical and environmentally friendly.

14. Steel

 You can layer insulation such as styrofoam or fiberglass between steel sheets, as long as they’re painted with corrosion-resistant exterior paint, for a modern, bold look.

15. OSB or compressed wood

 Light and versatile, compressed wood has different forms and can be part of a casual, contemporary style.

16. Microcement

 Microcement is an extremely thin, coloured cement coating, and it can be installed over virtually any existing surface. Its appearance is versatile too, as it can be left with a rough look or polished for a smoother, more refined aesthetic.

17. Concrete

 Reinforced concrete can be cast with simple horizontal or vertical slats, or with veins of thick wood or small sheets of wood.

 Consult a professional for more information on any of the options we discussed. In the meantime, take a look at more great ideas for modern homes.

Which finish is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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