How to create a laundry space in your small home

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It's always a challenge to try to find a space for everything in a small home. Real creativity is often needed in order to create a harmonious and neat space. When outfitting small homes or apartments, there's one room that's often overlooked–the laundry room. And since we all need to wash our clothes quite regularly, it's really an area that should be given priority.

So now here comes the real challenge. Just how do you make room for such big pieces of machinery when you're already lacking on space? Well that's what you have us for! Check out these laundry space ideas to help you find the perfect solution for your home. We're sure this list will help all of you specially-challenged folks.

1. Dedicating an entire room

It's not always practical or possible to dedicate an entire room in your small home to laundry space. But for those of you who happen to be blessed with that space, take inspiration from this image. All laundry-related items are gathered in one convenient place. There's space to dry, iron, and store detergent.

2. Hiding your machine

You can create a tiny laundry area in the mudroom of your home. All you need to do is cleverly disguise your machine. Measure the dimensions of your washing machine and fashion a nice work bench around it. Now you have extra work space and you can keep an unsightly piece of machinery out of sight and out of mind.

You can also hide your machines with small curtains. It's the cheaper option, as well.

3. In the bathroom

Countless homes and apartments integrate the laundry and bathroom in one space. You'll definitely want to make sure you can optimise your space here, though, if you go this route. See how the top of the washing machine is also a shelf? This will help with organisation and saving space.

4. In the kitchen

The kitchen is another practical area to keep your washing machine. Just stick both washer and dryer underneath your kitchen counter top.

5. Into the cabinetry

Some washing machines are so tiny that they can fit into your cabinetry design. This shelving design lets you stack necessary laundry items right by the machine and looks like a casual part of the room.

6. How about the closet?

Are you really running out of spaces in the home to put your laundry room? Well, how about the closet? This is the ultimate option for discretion, and your closet doors will help drown out the sound of the washing machine as you're cleaning a load.

7. Out of options

When there's no space available in your tiny home for a laundry room, you're just going to have to create one yourself. How? Just look at this image for inspiration. These homeowners built a small room for their washer and dryer set that only required three wall partitions, flooring, and storage space. Now they can wash their clothes and have a space dedicated to that purpose.

Want more space-saving ideas for your small home? Then check out this list of clever storage solutions!

Which of these laundry rooms gave you inspiration? Let us know below!

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