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Bedrooms: 6 designs for double beds

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Did the amount of people sleeping in your bed just double? Decide to move in with your significant other? Well, now you need to upgrade that bed of yours from a single to a double, and you know what that means–the whole room is probably going to have to change. You need to make room for one more, after all.

To help inspire your creativity in the bedroom, we gathered six bedroom designs for double beds. With these designs, you'll be able to get a better visual of how your space will look with a larger bed and the types of furniture you can include in such a space. 

Grab your loved one and let's get to it!

1. Young love

This bedroom brings us a fresh, youthful and romantic proposal. A dark-based bed covered in ocher sheets rests on a light wooden floor. The headboard gathers the couple as they nestle on the bed, just like in a romance movie. The
main wall, despite being of concrete blocks of concrete, does not show cold because the dim golden light of the lamps give that enchantment that invites to the brightness. The lights of the entrance and vanity, separated from the reading lights, virtually divide the space and make each area intimate and cozy.

2. Reflections

The monumental mirror is the protagonist of this bedroom. This design is based on a range of subdued grey that covers the padded wall of the headboard and the large rug that surrounds the bed, ottoman and bedding. The wood in the bedside table, the base of the ottoman and the frame of the mirror are all in a bright walnut color, inscribing a pleasant touch and welcoming in a magical way.

3. Rustic and modern

If you and your partner share a love of the natural, you'll love this modern-rustic fusion theme. The warm colours of the wood relax the atmosphere.

4. Firey

Wood is everywhere in this bedroom–the floor, walls, and the ceiling. Rich shades that shine in different intensities appeal to the touch. Copper-coloured ink highlights streak the wood, which appear to be flames of lukewarm fire. The bedding, in bright colors and bright silks, invite a couple for the night.

5. Contemporary couple

Any sophisticated and contemporary couples out there? Take a look at this room, where black and neutrals reign. The wallpaper behind the bed is matte black and has a faint silver grid-like design. The cream and bronze bedding make the perfect combination, giving warmth, and the wood floor makes this room simply irresistible!

6. French style

Viva la France! As the saying goes, and this room is definitely in the French style. The wardrobe, the headboard, the small desk with chair and the ottoman at the foot of the bed are all of light wood and stand out finely with the details in bright yellow. The buttoned tapestry of the bench give it a classic romance atmosphere. The double room is the perfect excuse to decorate and spend quality time together, so we hope we gave you as many ideas as possible to inspire you and your creativity to flow!

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Which design are you going to copy? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!
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