The Cliff Hanger House

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Lemons Bucket Mediterranean style house
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It's something we're all guilty of; daydreaming of getting away from the busy city life and escaping somewhere sunny for a well deserved holiday. Unfortunately for most of us, escaping to somewhere beautiful is a rarity but for a select lucky few, paradise is their home. 

Today we invite you to take a tour of a spectacular home that's perched dramatically atop a coastal cliff. The focus of the experts from Lemons Bucket was to design a luxury beach house using the principles of minimalist design and be guided by the natural landscape. In addition, the design has been carefully crafted to maximise coastal orientation to ensure those inside enjoy panoramic views of the stunning scenery, whichever room they found themselves in. You simply must see it for yourself!

What an entrance!

The front view  celebrates the home in all its bold, minimal glory. The home's symmetry and straight-edged look is highlighted masterfully be the white scheme that's lit up for all to enjoy. We especially love the stone material chosen for the cladding of the lower level of the home and driveway walls—it gives the home real natural charm. 

An exclusive address

From a  distance we can see the stunning home perched atop of the cliff side. Admire how the form of the building embraces the beauty of the landscape and becomes almost a natural addition to the cliff. The positioning of the home appears as if its leaning over the edge—a perfect spot to capture the dramatic panoramic views of the ocean. 

Uninterrupted flow

There has been a thoughtful design focus to reduce the amount of physical walls inside. Rooms elongate out of sight completely uninterrupted. Huge, clear sheets of glazing replace solid walls and doorways are designed to be significantly wider than those seen in conventional homes. As a result, rooms are generous in dimensions and each provides a feeling of openness and connectivity. 

Double height ceilings

Further inside, we can better appreciate the home's open layout. It's bright and spacious thanks to the all-white backdrop and the influx of natural light that enters from the glazing.The white also helps to emphasise the home's double-height ceilings. 

Perfectly chosen décor

Internally, the home expresses itself over two distinct levels, with each including an abundance of individual flair and an overarching sensation of luxury. Internal spaces are generous in size and have been filled with high quality finishes and thoughtful furnishing choices. Here in the living room we can begin to appreciate the thoughtfulness of the décor that invites us to find a seat and relax. 

Views always on show

Being situated directly on the coast, it was important that the views didn't go under appreciated. Lemons Bucket's response was to provide panoramic views from each level of the home, meaning no matter where the owners are inside, they can always take a moment to look out and embrace their location. 

The rear façade represents a modern architectural style consisting of strong symmetrical lines with sections of both straight and curved surfaces. A white render is emphasised by the glazing that wraps around the building's two levels. 

The indoor pool

Now it’s time to show the most luxurious feature of the home—the indoor lap pool. Not only does the pool look incredible but it's temperature is controlled remotely via an app on the owner's smartphone. Now that's is seriously cool! 

Sights and sounds of the ocean

The home's cliff side balcony accommodates a line of chairs. Days can be spent sunbathing and enjoying the refreshing coastal breeze and the sounds of the waves crashing in the distance. 

All in all, the home has been masterfully designed to provide the owners with an envious luxury lifestyle. Were you impressed by the minimalist architecture of this home and want to see more? Well click the following link to see an amazing minimalist home in the suburbs: Home From The Future.

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