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10 beautiful entrances that will surprise your visitors

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Making a good first impression makes all the difference, especially when it comes to our home–space that sums up who we are and exposes some of our most personal experiences.

Inside, the main ambience designed to compose a visual idea of what your house represents is the entrance hall. There, the first steps your guests take in your home will give them an idea of you–comfort, personality, preferences for certain styles and other things that arouse specific feelings of those who know their intimacy–all summed up in a few pieces.

Today, we bring you 10 beautiful examples of decorations in the hall and entrance. Each entrance approach in this list id different, ranging from simpler to the more sophisticated options. Navigating among the beautiful projects below, we are sure that at least one project will awaken inspiration in you.

Follow us and get inspired!

1. Cosy decoration

In this entrance, we notice that the decoration is marked with the use of a small elongated carpet towards the door. This trick leads people into the home, enhancing the sense of welcome. To further enhance comfort, the choice of blue armchairs and a creatively designed mirror were added.

2. A retro touch

Accessories in the retro style are trendy and deserve to be looked at with affection. In this project, the presence of a small yellow dresser at the entrance of the house provides a touch of creativity and joy on the stage.

3. Multiple levels

If the idea of promoting warmth is giving you doubts, wood will always be a safe path to go down. In this project, the beauty of this choice is spread across the floor on different levels adorned with tiles. The doors and window frames take the guests to a pleasant space full of positive energy that permeates the home.

4. Optimistic

Colours greatly influence the moods, feelings and sensations that a house provides. A great example of this is this design with walls and ceiling in light green tone, which, added to the details in white, arouse positive feelings and still distribute the natural lighting in space very well.

5. Protagonism with objects

E2 PAVILION ECO HOUSE, BLACKHEATH E2 Architecture + Interiors Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

Objects are great for expressing preferences and exposing important personal experiences, such as trips made. In this hallway, a long sideboard was used to decorate books and keep small decorative objects. On the walls, images value maps and places with high significance for the family.

6. Illumination that conquers

Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill Martin Gardner Photography Classic corridor, hallway & stairs
Martin Gardner Photography

Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill

Martin Gardner Photography

Light fixtures like this combine beauty and functionality to make spaces even more pleasant. In this project, the hall has a beautiful light with a modern and elegant design, giving even more elegance to the beautiful decoration.

7. Practical

The custom of taking off shoes when arriving at home is very common in several countries. To carry this idea that offers comfort to the guests, this project had a simple shoe rack to accommodate the shoes. On the wall, small hooks with round designs allow the easy organization of objects on the wall.

8. Flowers never fail

Nothing better than flowers to engage the senses. With them, the entrance hall is more pleasant, delicate and welcoming. In this design, the beautiful light-coloured roses were neatly arranged in a wicker basket. The table with creative legs gives an extra charm to the decor.

9. Simple and sophisticated

It does not take many objects for your decoration to conquer at a first glance. This simple set with corner table, delicate lamps and a flower pot sums up well what is good taste combined with simplicity.

10. Perfect balance

Finally, this chic and beautiful idea. The classically designed sofa displays creative and charming seating to accommodate everyone present. The composition in the background, made up of paintings and lamps, was organized with perfect balance, resulting in an environment worthy of the most special guests. Inspiring!

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