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The top 10 kitchen design trends for 2017—don't get left behind!

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With the new year comes new friends, new responsibilities, and of course new trends. We here at homify are dedicated to bringing you the latest in home trends whenever they appear, so naturally we had to do a piece on kitchen designs for 2017.

Kitchens are areas of the home that need to be updated regularly anyway in order to maintain functionality, but we can't forget about the aesthetic aspect. So here are the top 10 new trends that are coming our way. Some require little tweaks, while others may require total overhauls. But either way, your kitchen needs to be just as ready for the new year as you are, so get ready to update!

1. Grey is the new black

Thinking about what colour to paint your cabinets? The leading cabinet colour is white, and will continue to be so, but now we're seeing some grey areas in the mix. Grey cabinets, especially paired with richly-stained wood, showcases the newest kitchen trend.

2. Fresh tones for sinks

Modern kitchen sink tap with red splashback Affleck Property Services KitchenSinks & taps Metallic/Silver
Affleck Property Services

Modern kitchen sink tap with red splashback

Affleck Property Services

Just like cabinetry, sinks are trending away from the basic white or stainless steel to eye-catching greens or striking reds. A colourful sink is a great way to add a small amount of colour in a neutral room and make it a focal point.

3. Use bold fixtures

Colour isn't the only thing that will be used to create excitement in the kitchen. Using bold or oversized light fixtures is another great way to add some wow. This zebra patterned fixture is certainly making a statement in this kitchen.

4. Maximise your kitchen storage

Maximising storage will always be an in-style thing, and why wouldn't it be? After all, we all want to have enough place for all of our things and have our space look good doing it. Whether you host frequent parties or just have a lot of things to store, add cubbies and shelves to any standing surface.

5. Install automatic features

Glass Sink Splashback DIYSPLASHBACKS Modern style bathrooms

Glass Sink Splashback


Since we're heading into the future, it's about time we had some more automated things in the home, like an automatic faucet. Install a hands-free faucet in the kitchen so you can cook and clean without getting your sink all dirty.

You should also think about installing sensor-activated lights, and if you're feeling really futuristic, there are even apps you can install for your smartphone that let you know the status of your meat thermometer and send you a notification when your dinner is ready.

6. New colours in quartz

Grigio Natura Quartz and Cream Gloss kitchen Henley McKay Kitchens KitchenCabinets & shelves
Henley McKay Kitchens

Grigio Natura Quartz and Cream Gloss kitchen

Henley McKay Kitchens

Together with natural stone, quartz counter tops continue to be on top of the design game. If you already have quartz counter tops, you're in the clear, but you could consider getting a different shade, perhaps to match your new grey cabinets.

7. Mix counter top materials

Being fashion-forward tends to mean mixing styles to create new ones.  Wood and marble counter tops combine the warmth of wood with the coolness of stone.

8. Hidden appliances

Nobilia Project 9 Lux flat fronted door in gloss lacquer in ivory Eco German Kitchens Modern style kitchen MDF White
Eco German Kitchens

Nobilia Project 9 Lux flat fronted door in gloss lacquer in ivory

Eco German Kitchens

2017 will be all about subtlety–at least as far as appliances are concerned. With the ever-growing demand of wanting less and less clutter, ideas like microwaves and ovens being built into walls or put behind doors are also on the rise. Don't miss out on this trend, as it will help you with kitchen functionality too.

9. Oval elements

Gone are straight, sharp edges, and on the flip side, we’re seeing soft curves and rounded shapes in the form of ovals and oblongs in the kitchen. Combine an oval shaped table with your breakfast nook and you’re well ahead in the style game!

10. Decorative tiles

Kitchen Design (Fridge Area) Creazione Interiors
Creazione Interiors

Kitchen Design (Fridge Area)

Creazione Interiors

Using decorative tiles can create some flair and interest in an otherwise monotone or flat kitchen. Tiles will refresh the look of your kitchen without changing much of anything else. Mediterranean tiles are among the most favoured designs, but of course something geometric like on the floor is worth exploring too.

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Which of these trends are you most excited about? Let us know which one you'll use for your home!
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