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Somewhere between the psychedelic chimeras of Alice in Wonderland and the historic folk-tastic charm of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, there lies a perfect balance of simple yet charming fairy tale décor and decoration. Fairy tales and enchanting design needn’t be reserved for fantastical day dreamers, or over the top wedding receptions—otherworldly and magical home adornment can have a stylish and important position within one’s own domestic space. But how to balance this often obtusely executed style with restraint and control? 

Let Homify’s ideabook guide you in the right direction with some easy yet stunning examples of fairy tale décor that are refined, dainty and picture perfect.

Abundant floral bouquets

What is a fairy tale inspired home without a good spattering of floral blooms? Inject some magic into your domestic space, along with a sense of freshness, an infusion of colour with a selection of gloriously fabulous flowers. Choose bright or subdued hues, pastel pinks, or vivid violets, for a space that is picture perfect.

Pretty in pastel

Field of Flowers Wallpaper ref 3900004 Paper Moon Walls & flooringWallpaper
Paper Moon

Field of Flowers Wallpaper ref 3900004

Paper Moon

Pastel hues are one of the best ways to evoke a sense of fairy tale wonderment within your home. This example perfectly exemplifies the essence of stylish yet magical interior design. From the pearl-esque chandelier, to the crisp white dinner setting, the room is gentle, with a sense of whimsicality and fun. Combine light pastel colours with dusty deeper tones to create contrast, and ensure you include plenty of soft textiles.

Quaint and charming

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Flock carpets made in 100% Laneve, a premium wool sourced from Wools of New Zealand

Flock Living

A little more designer than Disney—this space is an adorable cottage interior that exudes a sense of seaside charm, and light-hearted fantasy. The extensive use of timber creates a natural feeling of connectedness with the architecture, while the matching timber furniture is radiantly retro. With a cosy air, and a showpiece log burning fireplace, this home is attractive and stylishly magical.

Princess and the pea?

The Townhouse Collection LuxDeco BedroomBeds & headboards

The Townhouse Collection


If you find yourself requiring a well-appointed place to rest one’s head, then look no further than a plush and well-decorated bed. This bed is about as opulent as a bed can be—with thick satin throws and quilts, numerous throw cushions and crisp white linen. Added to this, the luxurious metallic gold side lamps, and you have a space that is fit for a queen—or princess!

Whimsical and romantic dining

Transform your dining space with some sheer flowing curtains, luxurious soft lighting, and you will turn your home into a space that is fit for a gorgeous romantic dinner for two. On your own? You needn’t fear, this type of glorious décor is excellent for entertaining friends, family, or simply grab a book and soak up the beauty of your own interior design.

Light-filled conservatory living

When we think of conservatories we think of glorious light filled spaces that are fit for entertaining, or simply soaking up the sun. This wonderfully open conservatory-style room has fairy tale lighting and a neutral décor that helps it create a truly pleasant and beautiful indoor space.

A tea-party in the garden

Time for a picnic? Perhaps a sunlit soiree? There is no place more magical and fairy like, than a gorgeous cottage garden, which has been set up for tea parties and stylish celebrations. Choose a space within your garden and ensure you have a neat gazebo, some wrought iron seating, along with a plentiful volume of colourful blooms and fragrant blossoms.

Special children’s hideaway

From a very young age we are exposed to magical fairy tales, stories of far-away lands, and dreamlike enchantment. Why not let your children express their imagination away from the lure of electronics and computers with a beautiful treehouse in the garden? This treehouse has it all, porthole windows, rope ladder exit, and meandering staircase entry.

Vintage accessories

If you don’t wish to alter your entire décor or interior design, but still want a hint of magic and allure, try some vintage accessories to brighten and enhance your living area. These tea light holders illustrated above are a great way to infuse a little glimmering style into your domestic space.

Wall murals and feature furniture

If you wish to go the whole shebang, consider a wall mural that emphasises the essence of fairy tale wonderment and whimsicality. This example is straight out of a scene from Alice in Wonderland, replete with decorative chandelier, mantelpiece and painted wall motifs.

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