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How many ideas can fit in 65 square metres? This home shows you!

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Decorating our home is a complicated task, and although we always want to decorate it in a beautiful way, the pressure to make it look beautiful is not easy. Simply choosing a decorative style can be tricky. Perhaps we are attracted to the elegance of minimalism, or the warmth of the rustic, or we would like to try something new with the industrial, yet sometimes all of that doesn't feel adequate.

In this time, we will show you that the Mediterranean style can be an excellent choice, as this style is characterized by  European inspiration, an amalgamation of different environments, and add some rustic details that make the space look cosy but bohemian and artistic at the same time. In addition, this house is an example that you really need to see to believe, because it was built using just 65 square metres!

Are you ready to be surprised? Here we go!

Key pieces

Lighting is one of the main aspects of the Mediterranean style and with it, you can achieve a studio style look with a bohemian atmosphere that will really make you feel at home when you enter it. In this design, some modern details have been added, such as incandescent lamps that give the space more freshness, and they have been combined with wood to accentuate and direct some points of light.

In addition, natural light sources have been balanced on the balcony in the bedroom and living room, allowing energy, and air to flow properly throughout the space, preventing the bad smells and bad vibes .

Material combination

Past the living area, we find the dining and kitchen space. This area is made from a combination of different materials and colours to make the space look modern and remain functional. The concrete floor combines perfectly with the colour of the kitchen to make the design look discreet and the space does not look crowded.

Multifunctional staircase

When we have a small space, the best way to take advantage of it is to turn every piece of furniture and decoration into a multifunctional area that adds beauty and practicality.

In this case, the staircase has been designed with floating steps to make its image lighter, and has been complemented using the space below it as a small personal library with shelves of the same material and thickness as the steps.


The Mediterranean style is inspired by the warmth of the beachy coasts, which are characterized by a wide architecture that allows the passage of air and light. In addition, these types of houses are designed to enjoy every moment, so the balconies and terraces in the different rooms are often used. So you can wake up every day and greet the city, or say goodbye to a beautiful sky at night.

Master bedroom

When we only have few square metres to decorate, we need to think in three dimensions and take advantage of the height of homes to have all the space we need. For example, if you have a high house, you can build a mezzanine that serves as a study, or simply as a personal corner where we can enjoy our favorite hobbies. And in this small home, that personal corner has been added to the master bedroom to make it even more intimate.


In the Mediterranean, design  white is the king, although it can also be accompanied by some cream shades to maintain the freshness and peace of the rooms. And to complement the decoration, we can use ocher tones, cold colours or some details with worn features, as if time and memories had already passed our spaces.

The decoration

The essence of this style is also reflected in the simple furniture with vintage looks and natural decorative elements. The wood with simple finishes is the best material for your furniture, and for the walls you can also use some wood or ceramic coverings to add a personal touch. You should also ensure that the rest of the decorative elements are kept in the same colour range as the furniture, avoiding too contrasting or striking combinations.

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We just loved the floating staircase in this home. What did you love the most? Let us know below!
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