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A dreamy one-storey home built for relaxing

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Cristiane Locatelli Arquitetos & Associados Rustic style house
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Some of us only need an outdoor desk, tropical surroundings and a sturdy place to hang our hammocks to be happy. If this sounds like you, then the home we'll explore today just might be your dream home! It is a single-level home set in some lovely surroundings. The garden has palm trees, gently rolling small hills and even a tiny stream.

The architects Christiane Locatelli Arquitetos and Associados have used these natural surroundings as a real focal point in the home. So let's have a look in photos! This is definitely a home that will appeal to those who love a low-key aesthetic.

Timber deck with built-around trees

The home has a very simple, unassuming structure. The most dominant feature is the broad wooden desk that surrounds the home on three sides. It encircles some trees so the landscape is a very natural part of the structure of the home. It also has no barriers so there's little division between the home and its surroundings. The steps that lead into the garden also run at a very gentle incline that adds to the relaxing ambience.

A mini stream

For years and years people have been modifying (and destroying) the landscape to suit their purposes. But here we have a good example of how that approach to architecture has shifted. Just as the deck was built around the tree, this home has been built around a natural stream. Utilising the unique features of the land has really given this home character. It's quite a magical place.

Space for a two hammocks

The outdoor terrace is the natural gravitational point in the home. It would be the perfect place to while away a few hours reading a book. We love that there is space for two hammocks. Finally, check out the trees again popping out through holes in the wooden deck.

Corrugated iron roof

The home has a corrugated iron roof supported by wooden beams. These have been left exposed to create an authentic, earthy aesthetic. Despite the lightweight quality of corrugated iron, it's an incredibly tough material that can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is also an excellent insulator. Here we can also see how it provides lots of shade for the outdoor area too.

Corner windows

Any home with a strong connection with the outdoors needs lots and lots of natural light. This one has floor to ceiling glass doors that run right up to the corners. This could easily result in problems with privacy, but the awning provides lots of shade and the deck creates a sort of barrier too.

A home at ease in the landscape

We will finish up our tour with a wider picture of the home within the natural landscape. It can be difficult to keep the original trees during the construction process. But it certainly pays off later on. Quite simply, the single most important element in making your home feel established and lush is the height of the trees. They should always be larger than the home!

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