The Opulent Abode with a Colourful Interior

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The collaboration between Singaporean interior designers, Voilà, and carpenters at Imagine by SK66 has yielded an extraordinary result. This lavish home demonstrates a synthesis of the both regal and practical. Furbished in jewel tones and shining marble, this home feels nothing short of grandiose. Interestingly, none of this aesthetic could be possible without the implementation of clever storage options introduced to the project with the help of expert carpenters. In this way, the design is in the details as a result of this perfect pairing. Voilà promises individually tailored designs, and SK66 carries them forth. It is a magnificent execution of eclectic design. Come and be immersed in the pinnacle of luxury as we tour this home in Woollerton Park, Singapore one of the most high-end districts in the country.

This is, after all, a family home

As we begin our exploration of the home with the foyer, we notice that it features eclectic wooden tones that play well with the golden colours depicted in the large painting. The purples and blues in this image also introduce an element of serenity and reflectiveness to the space. There is more room in the adjoining shelving unit for showcasing the family’s personal mementos and photographs, a testament to the personalization of the design and functionality of the carpentry in this home.

The decorative passageway to the rest of the interior

Walking down the corridor, it is important that we stop and note the details present here. We will see them interwoven through the rest of the interior design of this home. The floor is made of white marble, which is illuminated under the glow of the ample lighting present throughout the house. The family loves to display their many artistic treasures and the hallway is a great place to do so. The images add warmth and depth to the space while also tying in the deep hues of the wooden doorframes and the black furniture at the end of the hall.

Making marble feel airy and light

In the master bath, marble covers the walls and the floors save for a small band of decorative mosaic tiling that stretches across one of the walls. The his-and-her egg shaped washbasins work nicely with the porcelain claw foot tub. The mirrors and bright lighting in the bathroom make it feel expansive and pleasant. This is surely the excellent place for privacy and relaxation.

When it's time to get down to business

Such an exquisite home ought to be complete with an impressive library, and the carpentry certainly does not fall short in this home office. The enormous built-in shelving unit is perfect for housing books, movies, important documents, awards, and pictures for the whole family. There is even space as the family’s collection of these items inevitably grows. Perhaps most remarkably, the custom shelving unit houses the air conditioner in such a way that it blends in seamlessly. The large, marvellously stained desk exudes an air of wealth and professionalism.

Spacious kitchen

The spacious kitchen is fit for a big family. There is plenty of counter space to work, and the shining chrome all appliances are housed easily amidst the oak coloured cupboards. The practical design of the kitchen is in its abundant space for storage. The cupboards expand across the entire back wall of the room, yet they are subtle due to their slim handles. The kitchen also includes three pantries with pull-out shelves that allow for easy access.

Expert carpentry makes for extra storage

Off the kitchen is another room for storing extra appliances and more formal glassware. Notice the innovativeness of these cupboards which fold upward rather than out to the side to maximise space. The halogen lights are installed below the cupboards and conveniently brighten the countertop. This home is ideal for entertaining lots of guests.

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