9 different materials to decorate your walls with!

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When it comes time to decorate the walls it's easy to throw up a few pictures, but sometimes it just doesn't have the impact you had hoped for. If you want to really make a difference in your home, then we suggest using different textiles and building materials as a design element, and allowing them to dictate the decor.

There's so many different possibilities out there that provide texture, colour, and character to your home, and that can inspire the entire direction of your interior design. Timber can provide a rustic hearty feel, while marble is the absolute pinnacle of elegance, so by carefully choosing the wall materials you'll find that the rest of the room designs itself. These ideas may represent a larger undertaking than your standard wall decorations, but if you're in the planning stages of your home then you're sure to find some fantastic ideas, and if not the effort is sure to pay off, so let's get started!

1. Mirrors

Full wall mirrors are a great way to double your perception of the size of a room and keep it light and bright. This is particularly effective in small rooms and corridors, which can otherwise feel dark and claustrophobic.

2. Wallpaper

Wallpaper fell out of favour for a while due its tendency to swell and rip when affected by moisture, but those days are gone. New advances in textile technology mean that wallpaper is now resilient and reliable, so it's back in the mix, and we couldn't be happier. 

The main benefit of wallpaper is that it's so versatile, it can be made in literally any pattern you desire, giving you complete control of the decor of your home. These black and white stripes are classic, giving the room a french chic feel that's vintage and trendy.

3. Marble

For a touch of opulence you can't go past marble. For centuries marble has represented royalty and sophistication, and due to its high sheen surfaces and the stunning patterns provided by the natural grain our love affair has never waned. 

Due to cost marble is best employed in feature walls like in this dining room where the marble adds a grandiose dimension to the decor to complement the more contemporary concrete panels.

4. Concrete bricks

Concrete bricks don't always get their due, but with the increasing popularity of industrial style decors they're are becoming more and more prominent as  a building material. 

People tend to paint over concrete, but we suggest trying to use them in their natural state. The variation in colour will add character to a neutral colour palette, and as you can see here it's look great against that stone feature piece and the exposed timber rafters.

5. Stone

As much as we love contemporary materials, there's really no beating nature when it comes to decorating, and stone always looks impressive.

Like marble, it's generally not economically viable to use stone as the main construction material, but it works great as a feature piece. It gives this home a rough and rustic vibe that blends the majesty of nature with the ultra modern decor.

6. A green wall

For exterior walls like the porch of this home you can't go past green walls. Vertical gardens are the best way to fit in as many plants as you can into a space, freshening the air, and giving your colour palette a burst of vibrant living green. 

While a simple vertical garden is a fun project to undertake yourself, to completely cover a wall in green like they have here you probably want to get the professionals involved!

7. Chalkboard

For a really fun and versatile wall decoration, try turning the entire wall into a chalkboard. This is easier than ever due to chalkboard paint, you simply choose a surface, apply a coat, and voila! 

This way you can completely redecorate the wall with your own personal artwork whenever the spirit catches you. Chalkboard walls work great in any room of the house, but they're particularly common in kitchens and offices where you can write down important reminders or work out ideas.

8. Brick

If you're lucky enough to have a brick home, then consider putting the paint away and letting the brick shine in its natural state. Brick has a really homely feel, whether you're using traditional smooth red bricks, or the rough and rugged stone bricks they've used here. The natural colour of these bricks looks fantastic against the timber, making this feel like a charming country cottage.

9. Timber

Timber is another material where you can take advantage of the natural variation in colour and grain to make a grand statement in the decor. The contrast of the dark and light hues in the recycled timber slats used floor to ceiling in this eco-friendly home looks effortless funky.

There's so many different materials at our disposal to beautify our homes, so pick something that really speaks to you! For more on mirrors, check out these fantastic designs!

Which material is your favourite? Tell us in the comments!

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