Things you shouldn't have in your bedroom if you're over 30

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There are certain rights of passage that every adult reaches in life—most of these occurring after college or university when you've acquired your first apartment or home. At a certain point, you have to stop using the beer bottles as flower vases (or beer bottles in general), get rid of the movie and celebrity posters and everything that is too cheesy to be taken seriously. 

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article telling homeowners what not to have in their home if they're over 30—and this article has the same theme, except it's solely centered around bedroom design. This list of eight items displays those things which you might want to rethink and reorganise in your home—or simply get rid of them. Enjoy!

1. A mattress on the floor

Once you hit a certain age, for both interior design and health reasons, you should have invested in a a sturdy bed frame by now that fully supports your mattress.

2. Decorating like a child in general

This doesn't necessarily mean that you can't have colours and fun objects. This bedroom is the perfect example of how to keep things fresh, young and at the same time adult-ish.

3. Concert or celebrity posters

Retro Chic | CONDOMINIUM Design Spirits Eclectic style bedroom
Design Spirits


Design Spirits

It's definitely time to through the rugged posters away and cheap, mass-produced wall art.  Invest in art or a series of graphic prints to properly fit your bedroom with artwork.

4. Improper, cheap furnishings

Retro Chic | CONDOMINIUM Design Spirits Eclectic style bedroom
Design Spirits


Design Spirits

Get rid of the old plastic furniture that breaks at the first sign of trouble. Your bed, nightstand, dressers and any other furnishings should be durable and offer a sense of longevity.

5. Bare windows

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW Design Spirits Minimalist bedroom
Design Spirits

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW

Design Spirits

Instead of leaving your windows bare, or throwing up a nasty sheet to cover them, it's time to head to the store and purchase real curtains. Trust us, you'll get a better nights' rest and have a better looking bedroom.

6. A make-shift, bad-quality closet

Forget the store-away closets and plastic storageg containers for sweaters and bulky clothing. Purchase a proper wardrobe, or add a bedroom parition wall that will give you additional storage space—just like seen here.

7. Cheesy wall decals and tacky accessories

Yes, wall decals have taken a life of their own in the past few years. In certain times (like here) they are acceptable if they follow a certain design theme. However, avoid wall decal words and typography—it's just too cheesy for adults.

8. Over-cluttering your space

Clapham Common Flat 2 YAM Studios Scandinavian style bedroom
YAM Studios

Clapham Common Flat 2

YAM Studios

Part of being an adult is keeping your life organised and put together. Anything that you haven't used (or worn) in the past month is probably something you simply don't need! Stick to the necessities not only in the bedroom, but everywhere in your home and simplify your life as much as possible.

We also created a fantastic article about what not to have in your home (in general) when you're over 30—check it out here and start to make your home look like a proper adult home!

How did your style transition the older you got? Tell us below!

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