7 living room styles for Malaysian homes in 2017

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The Mews - Holland Park IS AND REN STUDIOS LTD Living room
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The congregation point of any home and the most communal area you can offer for family, guests and friends—the living room is a high-stakes area when it comes to design. After the entryway, which leaves the first impression of our lifestyle and home on our guests, the living room is the next area they will soak up and look through. For this reason, it is incredbily important to try different design concepts and settle on something that suits you and your style! Below we have seven fantastic options for you to consider in the new year!

1. Unusual

This living room is quite traditional, and has done a fantastic job at breaking up space. Usually L-shaped sofas are put against corners or walls, but here it's placed directly in the middle nad breaks up the space. The lamps flanking either side give plenty of light and they accessorising pillows play with the colours in the oriental-style rug.

2. Stylish

Curved ceiling design doubled with luxurious details like a high-pile rug and a fantastic chandelier make this living room one where game-night would be super fun. Attention has clearly been paid to details by these professionals and the abundance of natural light makes it a bright and fun space. 

3. Simple Asian-style

With a high-gloss floor and a stark white room, this room is clean, yet warm with the chosen colours. In typical Asian fashion we have plenty of natural light and a ceiling fan to help with those hot and humid summer months. Decor is kept minimal, yet functional and bright, warm colours interact with the natural environment on the exterior. 

4. Different carpets

Stone walls and neutral furnishings are balanced here perfectly by means of a high-pile, bold rug which makes the space cosy and modern. The dark brown shelves and structural details work quite well with the dark blue!

5. Different colours

You can hardly find a better colour palette than this one—turquoise, white and different shades of dark brown. This room is Mediterranean in feel, but also rustic and modern at the same time—which is quite a stylistic feat in interior design. The best aspect of this room is that the structural details and historical integrity are respected.

6. Creative congestion

There's a lot going on here! But for once we don't actually feel that it's too much! The colours are kept light and the surfaces are kept reflective as to bring in a fresh feel to this fun and unique living room.

7. Creative walls

One easy way to mix things up in your living room, if you're feeling that it's too bland or boring, is to add a great texturised or patterned wall. This chevron pattern wallpaper is neutral enough to not be too overpowering, but it's interesting enough to create a visually dynamic environment. 

Looking for more ways to liven up your living room? Look no further than the 2017 Pantone colour trends for more great and sophisticated inspiration!

Do you like these living room style options? Which one is your favourite! Tell us below!

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