12 things that no man should have in his home

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
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We understand that gender-based lists can be problematic—however, we've accumulated a list for those of you that wish to decorate under more masculine terms and what to avoid as an adult when it comes to interior design.

The items below revolve around keeping a home clean, organised and well-kept if you're a new professional owning a home for the very first time. This can also include apartments. So read on to see how many of these items you find yourself doing, and how to find a solution to each problem below. Remember, homify is always here to help!

1. An unused patio

Fixing up your exterior living areas is a quick way to increase the value of your home and prepare for long nights of grilling and eating. 

2. Too many florals

Florals are great when it comes to fresh flowers, however, full-on floral wallpaper and accessorising pillows might be too much! There are so many professionals here on homify that offer high-quality and interesting wallpaper options.

3. Cheesy wall decals

Leave the wall decals in a college dormitory where they belong. You should be painting with proper wall colours or wallpaper and investing in real artworks.

4. A messy kitchen

A messy kitchen is one of the most disgusting things to walk into—well, and bathrooms. Keep these areas free and clear of messes, gentlemen.

5. Horrible backsplash tiles

With the wallpaper and decorative tiles you can decorate with now there's no excuse for old-fashioned backsplashes. 

6. A home with no decor

A lot of men are guilty of this—the thought of decorating can be scary, but avoiding any deco all together is a big mistake.

7. College-style furnishings

Leave the plastic furniture and primary colours at the store. It's time to invest in proper furnishings that will be durable, sustainable and good-looking.

8. China or crystal-ware

It's okay to have some nice placeware to bring out during parties, but don't stuff them in decorative shelves or place them on tables if it's not necessary. This can be tacky.

9. A mattress on the floor

A bed absolutely needs a bedframe. Period.

10. Fluffy accessory pillows

If you prefer lots of colourful pillows for comfort or for looks, that's okay. Choose ones that are sophisticated and adult-like though. Bedrooms should be kept clean and normal for those of your over 30 as well. 

11. Junk areas

Either invest in a storage unit, or get rid of items you don't need. Absolutely do not stuff items in drawers, chests and cabinets like seen here..

12. Plants that aren't taken care of

If you're going to grow herbs, plants or succulents, take the time to take care of them. There's nothing more unsightly than dead plants covering a home.

Do you have anymore advice or suggestions for the men in your life? Do you think we nailed all the issues with this list? Check out this article of things not to have in your home if you're over 30 for even more rules to follow.

What do you think of our list? Anything else that should be included? Tell us!

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