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A 62 m² apartment full of personality

Megan Harris Megan Harris
by Isadora Cabral Arquitetura Modern
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Today we see the interior of an apartment that is overflowing with the creative ideas of its residents. This interior is simple, but great attention has been paid to the details. With minimal resources, the designers have managed to create an abode where the residents, along with their family and friends, can enjoy spending daily life together. It has the achieved greatest convenience with the smallest expenditure. The apartment has a moderate area of 62 square meters, and although it sounds small, the renders of the design demonstrate that you really can do a lot with a little. Step inside with us—you're sure to be inspired…

The living room

The living room has a very personal quality: the see playful drawings, wooden wall coverings, and cosy carpeted floors have a unique and homely character. The wooden wall is, in fact, a sliding wall which can separate the dining and living room or connect them again depending on the situation. The vibrant look that serves a typical Brazilian aesthetic: one that is bright, unique, and unabashed.

Kitchen and dining

Here we see the living room from a different angle, peeking into the kitchen. We immediately notice how effective the timber wall element is: it creates a strong distinction between the dining and living space without truncating or disconnecting the room.

The kitchen is small but equally stylish. Mosaic tiles run along the back wall creating a strong visual feature and sense of personality. 

The bedroom

This bedroom is simple and serene. Everything works together to create a calm and relaxing ambience in which to enjoy a good night's sleep. The bed looks comfortable and enticing, timber panelling makes a reappearance—this time as a backdrop for the television set. 

The children's bedroom

The children's bedroom, similarly, has a sense of calm. The materials are more varied in this space, however. A concrete-look finish is warmed by natural timber. There's a television in this room too—and a desk below, upon which the laptop is perched. Technology, in all its forms, is embraced wholeheartedly. 

The bathroom

The bathroom is sleek and elegant: all-white with the odd touch of timber. State-of-the-art fittings are combined with luxurious finishes to compose a bathroom that is sure to impress. The design is rational and simple, allowing the striking materials to do all the talking. 

From start to finish, the designers have done a wonderful job. If you enjoyed your tour through the spaces of this home, you may also like to take a look here: A charming and simple family home is Japan

by FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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