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15 décor blunders your guests notice (but don't mention)

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Have you ever wandered around someone's home questioning their design choices, or making personal notes of things you would never do in your own home? Well it may be time to stop for a second and consider whether guests in your home aren't doing exactly the same thing! Sometimes we get so involved in decorating our homes we lose perspective, and it takes an outsider's eye to show us the error of our ways, which is exactly where we come in!

We're going to show you some common and easy to make mistakes that have your guests scratching their heads while you remain blissfully ignorant. There's no shame in these decor blunders, we're all guilty of them from time to time, the difference is after this article you'll be equipped with the knowledge to fix up your home, and ensure you never make these errors again! So join us as we allow the interior design experts at homify to show us the error of our ways, and right the ship!

1. Taking the monochromatic theme too far

While a monochromatic colour scheme can look impressive and chic, it's possible to take it too far. Making literally everything in your home one colour looks contrived and slightly unnerving, so be sure to include accents. These can be bursts of vibrant colour, or you can maintain a neutral scheme like they have in this trendy living room.

2. Far too much furniture

When furnishing your home it's important to consider the size of the room, and how much furniture will actually fit in the space while maintaining a free flow. Too much furniture will cramp a room, diminishing the comfort even as you try to increase it. The solution is to measure, measure, measure, and if in doubt, always cut down on furniture, clear floor space is an undervalued, but incredibly important aspect of every home!

3. Too much clutter

It's very easy to overwhelm a room in clutter. The result is an unsightly mess that is incredibly difficult to maintain, simply collecting dust and grime. Keep the decorations sparse, choosing only meaningful items that have special significance or really benefit the decor.

4. Too eclectic

It's fun to fill your home with vibrance and colour, but you still need to ground the decor with one main colour or it will look thrown together.

5. Too many patterns

Patterns are a fun addition to any home, but different patterns also tend to clash with each other. No more than two is a good rule for any decor, as you can see here with the fabulous cushions and curtains.

6. Overambitious DIY projects

Some things are best left to the professionals, so be honest with yourself about your DIY skills before undertaking any project, trust us, your guests will notice the difference. While a rustic bathroom counter like this may look easy to replicate, it's actually the work of expert craftsmen, so if you'd like to do something similar in your home don't be afraid to ask for help!

7. Small rugs

Wendy Morrison Peacock rug Wendy Morrison Walls & flooringCarpets & rugs
Wendy Morrison

Wendy Morrison Peacock rug

Wendy Morrison

A small rug floating in the centre of the room rarely adds anything to the decor, and can look aimless. Use large rugs that tie the aesthetic together or make a big statement and anchor them with furniture.

8. Your home is too dark

Kitchen splashback with white only LEDs LiteTile Ltd KitchenLighting
LiteTile Ltd

Kitchen splashback with white only LEDs

LiteTile Ltd

A dark room is gloomy and dismal, and will bring down the mood of your guests. If this is true of your home consider some new artistic light fixtures, or at the very least swap out the current bulbs for brighter ones. If however you're still in the design stages of your home we suggest putting lighting right at the top of the priority list. To avoid making any other lighting errors, check out this article!

9. Ignoring the windows

Project 4 Connaught Place, Marble Arch Flairlight Designs Ltd KitchenLighting
Flairlight Designs Ltd

Project 4 Connaught Place, Marble Arch

Flairlight Designs Ltd

Windows are as much a part of the decor as anything else in your home, in fact when they have beautiful garden views like this they can be the defining aspect, so show them some love! Use luxuriant curtains or elegant blinds to frame the gorgeous views.

10. Always include some colour

Countryside Retreat - Living Space Lisa Melvin Design KitchenLighting
Lisa Melvin Design

Countryside Retreat—Living Space

Lisa Melvin Design

While an entirely neutral colour palette may seem sophisticated, it's also kind of a downer and will seem boring to guests, so always include a burst of colour to the lighten the vibe!

11. Getting carried away with the accents

Cushions Sian Elin Living roomAccessories & decoration
Sian Elin


Sian Elin

While we're talking about colour, it is possible to get carried away with the accents, so stick to one or two for maximum impact.

12. Using inappropriate materials in the bathroom or kitchen

If you use the wrong material for a wet room like the bathroom you'll very quickly learn the error of your ways. The wall paper will tear, the paint will peel, and the timber will swell and crack, so be sure that you're using water resistant materials before you commit to anything!

13. Forgetting about plants

Brunel Cast Iron Bath Aston Matthews BathroomBathtubs & showers
Aston Matthews

Brunel Cast Iron Bath

Aston Matthews

There's only one home decor mistake you can make when it comes to plants; not including any. They brighten and freshen up a room, purify the air, and give personality and life to the decor.

14. Not enough storage

When we say not enough storage, what we really mean is there are clothes strewn all over your house. We're all guilty of this from time to time, but it's easy to avoid by simply adding a coat rack at the entrance of your home, and an extra cabinet or set of drawers in the bedroom.

15. Boring furniture

Don't fall into the trap of treating furniture like a practical necessity and filling your home with bland mass produced pieces. Your furniture says a lot about you and will define the decor of your home, so have fun with it, and get experimental!

It all seems so clear when it's laid out like this, but it may be time to take a look around your home and make sure that you aren't guilty of one of these common mistakes! For more great home design tips check out these need-to-know colour trends!

Have you ever noticed these mistakes? Tell us in the comments!
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