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A floathing home in the middle of forest

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This award-winning project—a mirrored home—is the design genius of the Polish firm, Reform Architects.They express a dedication to quality and the importance of understanding their client's diverse needs. Working closely with the clients—the people who will occupy and enjoy the home—they ensure that each design is uniquely suited to their needs and wishes. 

This home is no exception. The avant-garde design impresses with novelty and surprise. The mirrored surfaces on the exterior reflect the surrounding forest, giving the home a chameleon-like quality and allowing it to slip into its surroundings, camouflaged, hidden. Let's take a look at the incredible design…

A floating box

From this angle, thanks to the mirrored lower level, the white boxy upper level appear to be floating mid-air. It is an unexpected and surreal image, an impressive trompe l'oeil. The mirrored surface reflects the dense forest, giving it the appearance of penetrating the home and continuing on forever. 

A solid grounding

As we move around to the long facade, we can see that, here, the ground level is clad with a solid timber, weighting the volume to the ground. Mirrored elements still make an appear, however, here they are small inserts rather the monolithic claddings. 

Dramatic cantilever

The upper level dramatically cantilevers past the lower, mirrored facade. This feat of engineering and modern construction techniques asserts the homes penchant for modernity, along with all its comforts, conveniences, and extravagances. 

When the doors and windows that are incised in the mirrored surface peel back, they provide a window into the interior—like a magic portal into another world.

Beyond the mirror

The entry to the home's private realm, beyond the mirrored barrier is a small timber gate that punctuates the reflective surface, appearing to float in a dea of trees. 

Covered outdoor living

A huge covered outdoor area creates a threshold space between inside and out that assumes both qualities to a degree. Clad in timber—floors, walls, ceiling, it is a cocoon of natural materials. From here, one can enjoy the fresh air from the comfort of an enclosed and covered space, complete with privacy. 

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