A Home Designed in Nature’s Image

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Who knew that going natural could cause one to stand out of the crowd! This house is located in Bowmont Gardens in Singapore where detached homes and condominiums are the norm. Yet this particular home was not made to blend in with the rest. The design for this fascinating, semi-detached home was inspire by nature. Such natural elements are present in the geometric latticing and light built in to the home’s very essence. These same elements are expertly incorporated in the two-storey interior as well. The home is stocked with state-of-the art appliances and design elements equally as innovative as the façade. The talented individuals at Hyla Architects are to thank for its conception and execution. Come with us as we explore this impressive abode. We are certain you’ve never seen anything quite like it!

Capturing the essence of nature through calculated geometry

This home’s façade is truly a sight to behold. Even with its calculated use of angular shapes the house feels inviting and enticing in an organic way. The dark brown geometric latticing is reminiscent of a wooded forest while the golden glow emanating from the building is like warm sunlight. Even the light coming through the fence creates an image of the starry night sky. It’s time that we see what lies within.

Stylistic transformation with a mere change of orientation

The interior is quite modern and the façade creates a different, sleeker feel when we look at it from inside, a testament to the talent of the designers and the surprising versatility of the design. The large glass, windows, doors, tables and clustered light bulbs create an airy, almost ethereal ambiance inside. The red white and black contributes nicely to the contemporary, modern sheen.

Red, white, and black

As we shift our focus to the other side of the first floor, we see the stylish, squat leather sofa. It fits wonderfully with the shining, chrome appliances and complements the red accented chairs. We can also get a better sense of the immense amount of light this house has access to from the large northerly facing floor-to-ceiling windows.

Style meets function

Moving around the corner, we are met with an outstanding built-in shelving unit and media centre. The compartments take on another highly geometric configuring, though this time it feels much more modern in essence. The varying dimensions of each shelving compartment are also perfect for storing myriad items, adding an element of functionality. The hardwood flooring is beautifully illuminated in the sunlight.

Harnessing light through clever design

Heading to the second floor, lets finish our tour with this marvellous bathroom. Its cantilever construction echoes that of the semi-detached home’s exterior, another wonderful little detail the designers incorporated into this home. The mirror and sheen of the washbasin channel ample light into the bathroom. In turn, the light adds dimension of colour to the monochromatic scheme. The sky-light is an interesting variation to more conventional bathroom windows, but it certainly works here.

This home is comprised of a remarkable blend of the intuitively natural with the modern, minimalist. I hope you loved examining this house as much as we have. If you would like to see my more Hylas Architects check out this home with a bridge over water.

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