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Bold colour design offers an array of (rather easy) options to heighten the design quality of any home.  At times it may seem as though the possibilities are too endless to make a decision—with paint, textiles, flooring, wall colour, and decorations! However, listed below are several ideas to integrate bold colour into your home with minimal time, effort and cost.

Whether it's a kitchen whose functionality trumps decor, or a tiny bedroom where bold colour might seemingly dispose of the space—the tricks and tips below prove that truly any space can be put to excellent use and you can let your creativity soar!

Colour your feature walls

Feature walls are a great design element in almost any room.  Typically, a feature wall is one wall, any size, that's chosen to provide a visual focal point of a room—with, or without the help of decorative accessories.  However, pictured here you will see how feature walls can be utilized particularly in functional spaces (like kitchens) where perhaps décor might overcrowd the space and its many uses.

When thinking about adding a feature wall to your home, take note of the size of the room, the pre-existing furnishings, and especially the floor colour. Pictured here,  In-Toto Kitchens has chosen a perfect bold blue colour to accent the dark-grain, thick-plank wood flooring and minimal kitchen cabinetry.  The blue colour surrounding the bright white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances on the farthest wall, livens up a space that would normally be bland and unexciting!

Incorporate dark flooring

Flooring and floor design are often one of those parts of a home so functional that they're completely forgotten about. What you should realize though, is the function they offer does not necessarily have to supersede our ability to play with them.  Whether you're deciding to lay a floor by hand with repurposed wood or tiles, or looking at carpet options—your flooring can add a bold touch to your room and create a unique experience.

There are several alternative flooring options to consider when thinking about ways to get the most out of your flooring! The example pictured above has been chosen because of its modern take on a classic parquet wood design. Love classic wood flooring? Take it to the next level with different staining options, or pull out a bucket of paint and go to town! Make sure when repurposing pre-existing wood floors that you're carefully considering your materials and respecting the wood, rather than destroying it.  Nowadays, stain and paint options are abundant and in a one, or two-day project, floors can quickly (and easily) become the focal point of ANY room!

Minimal design, bold statement

Eames Molded Plastic Chairs Herman Miller
Herman Miller

Eames Molded Plastic Chairs

Herman Miller

Furnishings are a great way to integrate bold colour into a room because they can be easily changed depending on the style you're aiming for.  Are you someone that loves traditional rustic design one day, and then goes for über-modern design the very next week?  Our advice is stick to the basics and avoid this issue!

For years, Scandinavian and even Bauhaus design have been both respected and adored by all generations for their ability to withstand time. Not only withstanding time in fashion and style, but also in durable function. Whether you choose a classic Eames chair or a Mies van der Rohe smoking chair, these designs are guaranteed to fit into any style space and start conversations amongst guests!  The best part about these minimal, modern designs? You can choose any textiles you want to change their look—think sheepskin or cowhide throws, handmade pillows, or a classic, warm blanket!

Bold and beautiful bedding!

This is a great example of how bedding and textiles can add a special design element to a room! Pictured here is a wonderful and quite bold bedding design by Blue Bell Gray.  This is a great example because it shows that bedding design doesn't necessarily have to be limited only to the bed—choose matching textiles or cloth swatches to add colour with decorative accessories or also add matching fabric to your nightstand lamp! The wall colours shown here are bold as well and match perfectly with the bedding—however, even if your keep your wall colour simple (and bold) then almost any fabrics you choose will be acceptable!

Bedding is an easy, affordable option to consider because depending on the size and furnishings of the room, if the bedding proves to be a large enough statement piece, then keeping everything minimal is perfectly fine.  Best part? Bedding can be easily changed depending on mood, season, or style!

Add industrial lighting elements

NUD Globe Light Bulb | 80mm Roo's Beach BedroomLighting
Roo's Beach

NUD Globe Light Bulb | 80mm

Roo's Beach

Bet you're wondering why such a minimal design would be featured under the bold lighting section! Well, we are trying to prove that bold design doesn't necessarily have to mean heavy, extravagant design! If you decide that bold accessories, furnishings and even colours aren't your thing, then even in the most minimal, all-white room, the right kind of lighting can be quite bold when the design is executed correctly.

Here, the NUD lighting collection proves the beauty in simplicity can make a very bold statement.  With beautiful, changeable accessories like different coloured textile cords and exposed coil filaments, industrial-type lighting is minimal and bold—yet tends to give off a pleasant, warm glow fit for any style room.  In particular, their small size means that more than one can be used in the same vicinity without seeming tacky or overdone. Place three or four exposed lights above your dining room table or couch—cutting each cord at a different length for a more dramatic feel—and voilá!

Keep it simple for big results

Pom Pom Book Marks PomPom Galore Study/officeAccessories & decoration
PomPom Galore

Pom Pom Book Marks

PomPom Galore

All the tips and tricks we've suggested so far have been both temporary and permanent design options. With bedding and accessories being the easiest to switch-out and change, why not start trying to create your own decor?  Pictured here, we have yet another minimal design with a maximum statement—pom-poms!

DIY pom-pom designs seem to be popping up everywhere these days—pom-pom garland, rugs and pictured here, as bookmarks!  As mentioned above with minimal lighting options—you must have learned by now that bold statements can be made quietly… shhh! Have a great coffee-table book collection, or those few books sitting on your nightstand or windowsill that you haven't gotten around to reading yet? Consider fun, furry book marks or even pom-pom garland to make a space noticeable and quaint.

There are plenty of design options when thinking about colour—and just as abundant as the colour swatches offered in the 21st century—let your creativity and brainstorming ideas be just as so!  And remember, have FUN!

Have you integrated bold colours into your home? Tell us how with a comment below!

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