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How to make the most of your tropical living room

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Some may say that the feeling or ambience tropical living rooms provide may automatically decide the interior design and lay out. While this could be true to a certain degree, we always support enhancing what you naturally have to make your home work for you the best way. Tropical living rooms are exactly that -- living rooms found in tropical environments. Meaning, that nature, warm weather and outdoor living will play a part in your design trends and techniques.

The living rooms below will show you how to make the most of the your tropical living room and they will show you the plethora of varying design options that you undoubtedly have, according to our professionals  Work with the natural elements surrounding your home by enhancing natural light, plants and materials, such as wood and bamboo. Below you can see more of what we're referring to!

1. Stick with neural furnishings

The neutral furnishings in this living room balance out the wood panel and the dark blue carpet.. You can see that there's an abundance of natural light, making this space welcoming and new.

2. If wood is what you have, work with it

This living room doesn't need a lot of art or decor—the large window opens the living room up into the natural environment around it and adds a great mix of greens to this neutral, wooden living room.

3. Use bold colours

Bold colours work great in tropical living rooms because of the large amount of natural sunlight that will be available to balance out the boldness and darkness of the colours you choose. Most homeowners don't have this advantage, so use these dark colours while you can!

4. Or stark white works as well

Stark white is another great way to go if you're looking for a minimal, bright and modern space. You can even bring the tropics into your home with interesting, artful plants and succulents.

5. Access to the exteriors

Part of tropical living is living outdoors. In order to make your indoor and outdoor living spaces seem as one, make sure to have large windows and plenty of greenery.

6. Use bold wallpaper to add colour

Botany in living room Pixers Living room

Botany in living room


Looking to bring the plants and greenery inside without the maintenance and hassle? Look no further than modern wallpaper that can provide refreshing floral patterns and prints.

7. You still need interior lighting

This living room has plenty of windows, lots of wood and a minimalist feel to the chosen furnishings. The ceiling lights, wall lights and under-cabinet lighting add a great ambience for those darker days and longer evenings. 

8. Be choosy and make it yours

Above all, make your tropical living room work for you. If you're not so into the stereotypical wooden feel, try to start with a more traditional base and work from there (like this living room ) Above all, choose investment pieces that will work for you for a lifetime, no matter where you end up living!

We hope you see all the ways you can enjoy your tropical living space, and for more interior design and tropical room inspiration, check out our other articles!

What do you think of those living with tropical elements? Do you dream of this scenario for yourself?
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