26 of the best (ever) DIY tips!

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DIY home improvement is something we love here at homify, and it's quite obvious with our boatloads of tips and DIY projects that are easily accessible. DIY projects don't have to only be for those that have particular skill sets, or even a lot of time. We like to think of DIY as a money saving and bonding experience—not necessarily one that cuts down on time. Yes, DIY projects can take a lot of time, anywhere from an afternoon to a few months—but in the end everything you make is yours, and yours only. 

Below are 26 of the best DIY tips ever posted on homify—these are monstly for you to try your hand at, others will still require the use of professionals—if you're smart!  As the new year is here, try your hand at some great DIY projects—whether it's constructing your own furniture, or giving a specific room a deep cleaning.

1. If you've decided on laying a new floor in your home, use this as an opportunity to freshen up the walls with a fresh coat of paint. The last thing you want is a destroyed floor!

2. One of the hassles of painting is cleaning the brushes—and most end up throwing them away. In order to get more uses out of paint rollers and brushes, wrap them in plastic wrap after a good cleaning to keep them soft.

3. Squeaky doors? Sprinkle some talc powder (or opt for oil) to get rid of squeaks overnight!

4. Hate scratching the paint off your skin after a paint session? Baby oil removes paint from your skin easily!

5. Some people are incredibly sensitive to paint fumes. Add a bit of vanilla extract to mask the smell—just make sure it's clear and not dark.

6. Linseed oil will remove old paint spill that you've been eyeing for a while. Just pour some on, let it sit, then scrape it off easily.

7. Looking to keep rugs in their place? Double-sided tape can do just as well as a rug mat!

8. If you want to cut a straight line, place scissors in boiling water and cutting through fabric will feel like cutting through paper.

9. Have a noisy, dripping faucet keeping you up at night? Attach dental floss from the spout to the drain, allowing the water to run down instead of drip!

10. Looking to do some stencil work without painters tape? Masking tape is just as great and won't leave a single mark!

11. In the spring, it's time to reseal and stain the decks and patios! Don't have a proper brush? A regular broom will work just fine.

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12. Use chalk pens to allow both yourself and your children to create wall murals!

13. To avoid dripping paint and paint spills—attach a paper plate to the bottom of any and all paint cans. Problem solved.

14. Don't through those coffee grinds out! For scratches and imperfection on dark wood, dark coffee and black show polish will fix almost anything.

15. Who thought clear nail polish could fix a hanging and screw dilemma? Right before you add the final tightening on a screw, put a few drops of clear nail polish in for extra durability.

16. Use spray paint (non-aerosol) to give old radiators new life!

17. Looking to hammer some shelves or any DIY project? Coat the tip of your nails in soap and watch them glide right in!

18. Have a dent in your raw wood furnishings? Simply wet it down, place brown paper on it and use an iron on top—the dent should pop back out in no time!

19. Add methylated spirits to keep paint fresh for the next use. Don't stir it though until you open it the next time.

20. Always remember to turn electricity off when doing any DIY projects!

21. Always keep an extra means of light laying around in case the electricity would go out. We suggest placing one in the bedroom, the kitchen and in one other location.

22. Not for those with children—but keeping a mouse trap behind doors can aide in keep them open.

23. Don't waste your money—often newspapers dipped in vinegar, or bunched up aluminum foil are soft and better for cleaning and polishing surfaces!

24. Keep garden twine and rope organised with old kitchen and paper towel dispensers.

25. For uneven surfaces in older homes, use felt or cold carpet pieces to keep furnishings even.

26. Above anything, know when it's time to call in the professionals. Otherwise, you might waste a lot of time, effort and money trying to tackle something that's simply larger than yourself and friends!

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What do you think of our tips? Have you ever tried any? Tell us below!

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