10 interior design trends that are SO last year and should be changed

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So, we've done a sufficient, if not great job at providing you with the upcoming trends for 2017—but sometimes being told what not to do is easier. Below we have compiled a list of the most sought-after interior trends of 2016, and only those we think should stay there. 

At the end of the day, if you love and can't live without something on this list, then keep it. Otherwise, throw it out or plan to make a change and try something new and fresh for a refreshing and wholesome beginning to 2017.  The new year is already here, but there's till ample time to plan and make any changes to your home that you wish—and we, and our professionals are here to support you the entire way!

1. Too many metallics

Yes we know, metallics are amazing. But too much of a good thing is sometimes a bad choice especially in interior design.

2. Beds with no frames

Beds need frames, for function, health and proper support for the mattres. These three reasons alone, are enough.

3. Being overzealous with decor & accessories

Above all, for 2017 try to keep it simple, essential and functional. Too much decor and accessories can quickly start to overtake the entire look of your home if you're not careful.

4. Modern, mesh chairs

Chairs are one of our favourite furnishings, however, mixing and matching modern ones with more traditional homes, etc; is simply too much.

5. Tiny living

One of the biggest trends of 2015/2016 was tiny living. We see how it can work for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, but all-in-all, tiny homes aren't a smart lifetime investment and seem to be a more temporary style of living for most. When it comes to architecture and interior design, high-quality and long term living are what you should be after.

6. Feature walls

Feature walls come in all shapes, sizes and colours. This apartment combined two feature walls in pastels and it's trendy, but fantastic. Forget brick and stone overlays and anything overly dramatic. 

7. Textured wallpaper

Towards the end of 2016 wallpaper of all sorts made a comeback! The wonderful floral and modern geometric patterns give you plenty to choose from, so leave the textured wallpaper in 2016.

8. Trying a cottage feel in a large home

In a home this size, the cottage feel and decor is perfection, however, trying it in larger homes looks overdone and quite frankly, unfitting.

9. Mixing too many colours

We've said this several times at homify, choose two or three colours within the same shade family and work with those. This hallway combines several colours, but in a tasteful manner—don't go too crazy.

10. Pendant lighting

Another one we hate to give up is pendant lighting. Of course, in certain spaces, like this grand entryway, pendant lighting was the perfect way to break up the space—however classic, refurbished pendants over dining tables, etc; should be thrown aside for newer, more modern options.

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Are there any of these items that you absolutely can't leave behind? Which ones? Tell us more!
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