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The 6 key components of a dream kitchen—do you know them all?

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A dream kitchen, is something you've heard time and time again. Is it a convection oven, a Sub-Zero refrigerator or a family to join in on the family fun? No one really knows—but one thing we do know is that a dream kitchen depends on logistics and facts: How your kitchen provides for needs and how it can provide for your lifestyle is what makes a kitchen work. 

We have featured six main components that every kitchen needs in order to be a dream kitchen. Some mean making an investment by the use of expensive appliances and professionals and others mean that you just need to add some love to your kitchen. These options don't depend on size, style or anything else, besides needs and budget. So give them a look and make some serious decisions for 2017!

1. Easy-to-clean floors

Retro Chic | CONDOMINIUM: eclectic Kitchen by Design Spirits
Design Spirits


Design Spirits

Tiles, wood and concrete are the three most popular flooring options when it comes to kitchens. They're resistant to spills, scratche and any types of messes and require minimal maintenance. If you decide on under-floor heating, that's a great option and it also requires minimal maintenance. These three options are great for any style home and if you keep them clean and re-seal them every other year, they'll last your lifetime. 

2. Clever storage

Small and large kitchens alike need some serious storage space and organisation. You can either hire a professional company to keep your storage up-to-date or you can try to make the measurements and cuts yourself. Either way, ample and organised storage makes for a healthier and happier family and this kitchen provides both cupboards and exposed shelving. Combinations make life work.

3. Inclusive of fresh ingedrients

rustic Kitchen by Marcello Gavioli
Marcello Gavioli

BioMalta RAL 7010 Grigio Tenda

Marcello Gavioli

Looking for improvising on health in the new year? Make space in your kitchen for fresh hers and vegetables. Worried about the cold weather taking all of your hardworking away from you? A lot of herbs and vegetables grow even better indoors. Look them up and try to keep fresh quantities in your kitchen for use to make any dinner instantly better. 

4. High quality materials

Even if you're supplying your kitchen with cheap placeware and dining utensils, as long as your preparation are high quality, your kitchen is bound to last longer. This also means a better return on your investment. Sealed wood, concrete and tiles are the best possible options for both hygiene, food preparation or upkeep.

5. Colours

modern Kitchen by Harvey Jones Kitchens
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Painted Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

No matter what, stick with light and fresh colours for your kitchen. Not only does it help you focus on what you need to fix and clean, but it also means you can bring natural light and nature into your kitchen earlier. 

This kitchen is perfect for those looking to keep things fresh, open and clean. Add a fresh coat of paint every two years and you're good to go. Think pastels won't fit into your plan? There are tons of pastels that will fit with almost any interior design style!

6. The right appliances

Lastly—it most important not least. Make an investment on your kitchen appliances. Choose convection ovens over normal ones, look for eco-friendly refrigerators and stick with dishwashers that clean better with less water. A specialist should be able to provide you with such details before purchase—trust their advice. You're looking for long-term investment, not an instant kick-back!

Looking for more kitchen inspirationHomify has you covered!

What do you think of our six best choices? Anything you would add?
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