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A neglected cottage gets a new lease on life

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Sometimes you see an absolutely gorgeous home, only to step inside and find that it is has become neglected and derelict. It's a heartbreaking scenario, but remember, hope is never lost. That's exactly the case with the home we're looking at today, a charming old country cottage that had fallen on hard times before some of our inspired professionals here at homify stepped in and breathed new life into this beautiful home.

The exterior of this home was still in pretty good shape, the roof needed a little bit of love, but the charm of the original structure was still there. The interior was a different story entirely. Dark, musty, and slowly losing its battle with mould, it needed to be completely renovated before it was fit for new occupants. But as you'll see, once the fine folks at EWAA were done with it the interior was completely overhauled, and this quaint cottage was reborn! Now let's check it out!

Before: the exterior

As you can see there's a lot to love about this little country cottage. The impressive pitched roof, the window boxes, the cappuccino colour palette; all of these combine to make for a really special home. 

However you can probably also see just how much work there is to be done. The garden is a mess, with the lawn dying a slow death, and no landscaping to speak of. The roof too is worn out and covered in moss, threatening its integrity, but just wait until you see the inside.

Before: the bathroom

It looks like no one has step foot inside this room for 30 years. The decor is depressing to say the least, with no real cohesion between the disparate elements of the aqua tiles and the chequered floor, but it's that ominous mould that has us really concerned. This bathroom is as much a health hazard as it is a design failure.

After: the exterior

What a fantastic turnaround! The garden is suddenly filled with lush grass, and a new patio has been built to enjoy the stunning new garden. The stone retaining wall has been restored, maintaining its traditional look, but putting it to practical use.

After: the rear facade

The new roof looks absolutely fantastic. It still has the same chocolate colour we loved in the original, but the tiles have been restored, and new window boxes have been put in, ensuring the home is warm and dry. We love the stone path leading around the house, and the new shrubs look perfectly manicured, really adding to this home's country charm.

After: the kitchen

They've completely gutted the interior in order to start from scratch, an ambitious plan, but one that has paid off in spades. The kitchen is thoroughly contemporary, after all it's the one room in the house where you really want to take advantage of modern technology, but the modern decor is tempered by those majestic hardwood floors. 

The futuristic grey flat panel cabinets work in perfect harmony with the neutral colour scheme, and as you can see there's no shortage of storage or preparation space in this fabulous kitchen.

After: the dining room

We just love the idea of using bench seats for the dining room table; the comfortable cushions add colour to the decor, and the heavy timber looks super trendy. The low hanging lights are a great addition, ensuring that there's an intimate ambience for dinner parties, while fresh flowers add a romantic touch to the elegant decor.

After: the bathroom

The bathroom is another room where they've opted for the full modern experience, with sleek surfaces, and dark colours that don't feel oppressive due to the large windows filling the room with natural light. The hardwood floors continue in the bathroom tying together the aesthetic of the entire home, and making this room feel luxurious but homely.

What an inspiring renovation, and it just goes to show that it's never too late to save a magnificent home like this! For another fantastic renovation story check out this impressive home.

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