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10 top tips for small dining rooms

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 For many, if not most of us, sadly the space available in our homes is limited. The dining room in particular may suffer from space constraints, as it tends to take a back seat; being regarded as less important than the kitchen or living room.

 However, a more modestly sized home doesn’t mean you must forgo a delightful dining area. There are a few tips and tricks we can use to make the most of limited space.

 With this in mind, today we’re bringing you ten top tips for small dining rooms.

1. Change the rules

mediterranean Living room by Home Staging Factory
Home Staging Factory

Sala—decoração de casa de férias

Home Staging Factory

 If you can’t find a room to designate for dining then go open-plan and merge a dining area with the living room or kitchen.

2. All-round improvement

 A round table—as opposed to rectangular - will help you to make the most of the available space, as round tables allow you to squeeze in more seating.

3. Minimalism

 The traditional Japanese minimalist style pictured above won’t suit everyone, but you can make your dining space appear larger by reducing clutter and opting for more minimalist décor.

4. Welcome the walls into the design

 If space is limited why not push the dining table against the wall? This will increase available floor space, and if you keep a few spare chairs handy it can always be pulled out to accommodate more guests.

5. Increase the feeling of space

 Situate your dining area by a large window to create the feeling of a more open space. Alternatively, large mirrors can be used in a similar way to create the illusion of a larger space.

6. A colourful solution

 Painting half of the walls can give the illusion of a much higher ceiling and increase the feeling of space in a room.

7. Create a focal point

 Distract from the size of the room by creating a focal point that draws the eye. A well-placed piece of art can do the trick.

8. An extendable table

modern Living room by Asia Dragon
Asia Dragon

Hereford Oak Table Nest

Asia Dragon

 A table that can extend or fold away is handy space-saver in a smaller dining room.

9. Sensible storage

 High, wall-mounted shelving is perhaps the best storage solution for small dining areas, as it frees up floor space.

10. The simplest of solutions

 As with virtually any room, a white colour scheme will increase the feeling of space and make the room appear larger. White doesn’t have to mean plain either – just look at the cool high contrast effect the architects have created above!

 For more dining room design ideas check out 7 stunning ways to shakeup your dining room style.

Have you got any dining room design tips? If so let us know in the comments below!
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