20 affordable and accessible garden ideas you can do in one day

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Sometimes, a lazy weekend afternoon is all the time you need to make some big changes to your home. Big changes that are also diy- and budget-friendly. At homify we love diy projects and are always more than willing to help those willing to use a spare afternoon to get their garden in tip-top shape!

Larger garden projects, like installing fences and large-scale water features are better left to the professionals—but they're plenty of garden improvement ideas that you can do all on your own, or with the help of a partner or close friends. We have compiled a special list of 20 cheap and easy garden ideas that you can do in one afternoon, as long as you have the proper tools and time! Let's get started!

1. Create a rock garden

The Chinese have recognised the value of rock gardens for centuries. They're aesthetically pleasing, uniquq and promote relaxation and meditation. A large rock garden too much for you right now? Why not try a table-top rock garden to get the swing of it slowly!

2. A mini herb garden with old wood

When it's the right season to grow herbs, we support growing a plethora of species and types—you never know when a special occasion will come along and growing is always cheaper than buying, especially exotic herbs.

3. Build a side patio

With a few planks of wood and a hammer and nails, you can add a beautiful side patio to your home to add an extra space for eating and sunbathing! Just make sure to properly add underneath support and a proper sealing solution for the rainy seasons.

4. Add a quaint small-scale pond

This quaint pond reminds us of something William-Turner would've painted next to. This might be more of a weekend project, but start with the right plan and a lot of workers and you can complete in one afternoon.

5. Create a year-round succulent garden

Succulents are known to survive even the toughest and driest of growing conditions. A succulent garden is perfect for those of you looking for something low maintenance. 

6. Simply clean it up and add better lighting

Or you can simply take an afternoon to clean the cobwebs, polish the patio, clean the windows and trim the yard. Sometimes a good cleaning is all you need. 

7. Add a paneled privacy fence

This paneled privacy fence is modern and cosy all in one!

8. Or add lattice for pretty privacy

If you prefer something more pretty and soft, a traditional lattice will work as well for more privacy.

9. Trim your shrubs and bushes

Always maintain your bushes to give your garden and elegant and sophisticated look. There's nothing worse than untrimmed, unruly bushes. 

10. Mix flowers with taller tropical plants for a visually dynamic garden

Look how visually beautiful this lined garden is with a mix of colourful flowers and stark green tropicals. Give it a try!

11. Build a custom firepit

Nowadays, you can buy fire pit kits—they come with all the necessary materials, all you have to provide are the tools and the time.

12. Add tropical canopy beds for extreme comfort

Something you might imagine for a dream garden, canopy beds promote sunbathing, relaxation and a perfect area to sit and enjoy your favourite home magazine.

13. Build an overhang for sunless evenings

Want to enjoy your patio but the position of your home puts you in heavy, hot direct sun all day? This can be a nuisance, but one easil solved with the addition of an overhang or canopy. 

14. Create a modern, sleek pathway

We're assuming you need access to your garden? Well, take the afternoon to install a multiple-level pathway.

15. Properly accessorise

One of the cheapest and easiest on this list—choose the right accessorising pillows and outdoor textiles to ensure a great and chic-looking space.

16. Small garden? No problem, create a small-scale oasis

This small, corner garden space proves that you can truly make the most of any area you're provided with. Storage systems as herb containers, a simple wooden tile floor and two hanging chairs accented by pendant lights are all you need!

17. Have a maintenance weekend to reseal wood and concrete patios

If you have wood or concrete in your patio/garden area, take an afternoon to look after it. Sand it down, reseal it, or simply add a darker shade to it. For something more dynamic, add varying shades of stain, like seen here.

18. Consider bench seating

Bench seating is both easy to construct and perfect for those that tend to entertain more often!

19. Substitute all the grass and dirt for clean stones

Looking for the most low-maintenance garden of all time? Why not rip out your grass and old dirt and replace it with stones? This is an especially great option for those that don't have time to tend to lawn care, or live in an area where grass tends to not grow so well.

20. Take time to truly make it yours

Lastly, here at homify we always want you to make your home, and every part of it, truly yours. An outdoor space is something to be cherished, so take the proper time to cherish it and before you know it, you'll be living a life outdoors!

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Which of these projects are you going to try next? Tell us, and your friends, which one you choose!

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