21 ways to renovate your home with very little effort

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Here we are again, giving you more tips on how to make your home look better for little effort and at your convenience! Little renovations are one of our favourite things here at homify—they're fun, simple and budget-friendly and their impact is huge!

From LED lights under the furnishings to decorating functionally, these little changes can make all the difference in your home in the beginning of 2017. And as usual, if any of these projects seem too extreme or you feel clueless, leave it to the professionals that you can find here!

1. Clean and disinfect tiles

Tiles are used in kitchens and bathrooms because they're some of the most resistant, sustainable and easy materials to maintain. Spray your tiles down with a bleach and water mixture, or a vinegar and water mixture and wipe them down a half hour later to make them glisten!

2. LED lights on the base of furniture

Great lighting can change everything! LED lights are affordable, (most are even simply battery-powered now), accessible and adaptable. Try to run strand LED lights along the underneath of cabinets and furnishings and especially try this look on stairwells for an added design and safety feature!

3. Decorate in a way that's useful

We're assuming you love decor and interior design since you're reading this—but above all, make sure your decor is functional, adaptable and useful in your home!

4. Change the doormat!

Such a simple suggestion, but it can really make the difference. There's nothing worse than a new entryway with an old, grimy welcome mat. Nothing about that is actually welcoming.

5. Fix door squeaks

Door squeaks tend to happen slowly and are left untamed for long periods of time, making them a huge, avoidable nuisance. Simply spray oil on the hinges and let them sit, by the next morning all squeaks should be gone.

Tip: Talc powder is also a great way to remove those annoying little door squeaks right before company and guests arrive!

6. Protect the legs of furniture

If you have hardwood floors, it's important to protect them from the scratching and moving of furniture legs. Purchase decals that will stick on the bottom of your furnishings so when you decide to rearrange the room the floor comes out scratch-free. These decals tend to be cheap and remain unseen, so no worries!

7. Protect leather sofas

Leather sofas need to be taken care of and do require (monthly) maintenance if you want to get some longevity out of them. Make sure to dust them off and buy a proper leather lotion in order to keep them well moisturised and avoid rips, cracks and tears. If you're all out of leather supplies, try using baby oil as a temporary fix.

8. Creativity on the walls

Walls decals, stencils, murals and wallpaper are all ways you can get creative on your walls with little effort and money.  Best part? They're removable so literally no mistakes can be made.

9. Practical and original hooks

Now, hooks come in unique, fun and playful styles and sizes. Choose hooks that work with your interior style and also choose hooks that are functional and can hold a good amount of weight!

10. Polish and shine the bathroom

With a simple mixture of vinegar and water, you can scrub down and remove hardwater stains and mildew from your bathroom. We suggest you do this at least once a week—especially in areas where the water tends to be harder with lots of minerals.

11. Fresh flowers

Once a week, head down to your local market or grocery store and get a fresh bundle of flowers. Not only does it show you put effort into your home, but it'll make the home smell better as well!

12. Stencils for the walls

Stenciling is a fun diy project that almost anyone can partake in, no matter the varying ability of your artistic skills! Especially perfect for children's room and nurseries—and they're removable and reusable!

13. Renewing the lighting

Either take down all of your lamps and light fixtures, dust them off and clean them, or choose a few to replace entirely!

14. Organisation for closets

Tired of your messy closet? Why not opt for a minimal closet like the one seen here in order to simplify your life?

15. The laundry

Create a designated place for your dirty laundry and make sure dirty items avoid the floor and chairs. This one simple gesture will make your home healthier and cleaner. 

16. Order and cleanliness

Too often we think that the only way to a better and cleaner home is to replace some items, by buying new: sometimes you just need to keep them clean in order to give the house a better look. If you absolutely can't find a use for them—get rid of them, give them to charity or store them.

17. Clean carpet

You can easily rent a carpet cleaner and do this yourself in one afternoon, or hire professionals to come in and disinfect all of your carpets. By the end, they'll all look brand new!

18. Attention to the kitchen

Take an afternoon and tidy up the kitchen—reorganise pots and pans, disinfect tiles and wipe down all surfaces and appliances. A little cleanliness goes a long way.

19. Air fresheners

We suggest you stick with natural air fresheners to breathe healthy life into your home. Perhaps you could even make it yourself by sticking cut lemons around the house, or oranges with cloves sticking in them.

20. New colour, new life for bookshelves and shelves

A whole new wall colour can make a lot of difference to a home, but for a smaller and cheaper project, just repainted any bookshelves, shelves and cabinets that you have. Without these three primary colours, this Bauhaus-inspired bookshelf would look pretty lame!

21. Changing frames

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Another cheap idea to decorate the house is to change the picture frames, pictures and posters. One way to give new life to your favorite images and economically change the appearance of the walls of your house is to change around the frames, or purchase new, cheap ones and customise them yourself with spray paint or gold leafing!

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