24 economic ways to design your home if you live in Malaysia

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Decorating your home is no easy task. It involves way more factors than most people can keep track of, and not to mention it tends to cost a lot of money. Good thing for us is that we have a few life hacks up our sleeve that help us design our homes in the most economical way possible.

Here, we have 24 ideas to help you update your home on a budget. There's something for everyone and every room in this list, so we're confident it will help you transform your home in the best way possible.

So dive in and take some notes!

1. Don't forget the entrance

The entrance hall is often ignored in decorating. Add some interest with bold and contrasting colours and expand your home's design.

2. Paint the ceiling

Give your ceiling new live with a fresh coat of paint. Even better if they're in contrasting colours.

3. Add decorative stands

Night stands are a cheap way to add character and purpose to the bedroom. Oriental stands add even more pizzazz.

4. Wall art

Of course, wall art is one of the most economical ideas with the greatest amount of styling possibilities.

5. Update old sofas with new upholstery

Reupholstering or simply buying a slipcover will update your living room and make it look like you have a brand new sofa.

6. Complementing curtains

Install curtains that match the theme of the room they're placed in. These black and white paisley curtains go great with the neutral city scape bed cover.

7. DIY clothes hanger

Build your own hanger with durable pieces of timber and personalise it with space for potted plants and shoes.

8. Make more room for plants

Adding greenery to the home is just as important for health as it is for aesthetics. Bring life into your home the fun and cheap way with a hanging garden.

9. Decorate with books

Got a bunch of old books you're not reading anymore? Put them to better use as a small bedside table, or stack and display them proudly in the living room.

10. Glass doors

When separating spaces, nothing gives you more options than glass. It's cheaper than wood in material and installation cost, and it leaves your room feeling more spacious because of the transparent nature of glass.

11. Multifold partitions

On the other hand, multifold partitions like this are even cheaper ways to separate spaces, and their mobile, so you can change your look at the drop of a hat.

12. Install a skylight

If you're looking for ways to brighten up your home, think about installing a skylight. They keep things bright throughout the day.

13. Optical illusions

If you want to add a bit more upscale class to your home without paying outrageous prices, consider optical illusions with wallpaper. That stone wall in the back isn't actually a stone wall, but a beautifully placed piece of wallpaper that gives this room a charming and high-end touch for about 140MYR.

14. Hanging lights

A stylish and economical way of decorating with lights is to use old mason jars. This look contributes to the industrial or eclectic aesthetic, but you could get away with it with the modern or rustic style too.

15. Update your entrance with plants

Give your guests a warm welcome with a few potted plants or a small garden at your entrance. It's a cheap way to add some decoration and make your home more inviting.

16. Add pattern with an area rug

Jazz up your living room with geometric patterns in an area rug.

17. Refresh your brick walls

If your brick walls are looking old and tired, perk them up with a fresh coat of paint and give your home a whole new look.

18. A little more

Add extra light and storage in your hallway by buying a simple and slim table. Place lamps and decorative items on top, and keep your shoes below.

19. Mirrors

Mirrors boost any room's style, with or without cool lights like these. But with this kind of mirror, you're also adding functionality.

20. Floating shelves in the kitchen

Floating shelves are easy and cheap to install and are especially practical in the kitchen for storing frequently used items.

21. Dining room additions

When updating the home, you can't forget to keep the dining room in style with the rest. This of course gets quite expensive after a while, so opt for simple furniture like the set we see here.

22. Interest

Add interest to your space with DIY decoration. These wooden crates house delicate wine bottles, and although the idea is as simple as can be, it imparts a sophisticated aesthetic.

23. Get low

Get rid of that unnecessary bed frame and go for the futon look. It's much cheaper and frees up your bedroom for even more decorative items.

24. Pillow covers

Coordinate your wall art with your upholstery and get some matching pillow covers.

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Which of these ideas are you going to implement in your home? Let us know below!

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