14 ideas to illuminate the entrance to your home

Sandy Mauthner Sandy Mauthner
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The entrance to your home is the first thing seen by a visitor and as such the first thing that represents your character. Therefore it should be carefully designed and also suitable for all times of day. Lighting is an important factor, not only in practical view of providing light but also aesthetically playing with light and shadows. The choice of lighting in the hallway is an important process. For this reason we have created 14 wonderful ideas for the entrance to your home, ideas that can only inspire admiration.

1. Geometric forms

When the lighting is distributed in a certain way it can lead to transpiring visual formations on the wall such as in this instance creating wonderful geometric shapes.

2. Simple lighting

In this design a simple lighting was used to focus on the entrance door.  A special care was given to the intensity of lighting.

3. Classical lighting

This luxurious entrance requires a suitable lighting in line with its style. These charming suspended lamps specific to Arabic style at the entrance illuminate the entire surroundings.

4. Lighting for the pathway

Lighting used on both side of the aisle illuminate this entrance. The pathway is made of dark stone but with this light seemingly bright.

5. Peaceful atmosphere

This lighting creates a peaceful atmosphere. The staircase appears warm and the beige color of the stone walls is illuminated in such a beautiful way.

6. Wall lighting

You can add modern lighting on the wall above the entrance in this way focusing light on the door or even a balcony as it works to give the stone a more spectacular effect.

7. Lighting distributed in different areas

Here is the distribution of light done in more than one place to get properly distributed lighting and creating a bright effect.

8. Hidden lamps

The landscape architects played with lighting in this entrance creating a hidden light which is softer and not obvious.

9. Subtle lighting

This wooden entrance has a very subtle lighting which only in the evening hours can be obviously perceived shedding light on the stone wall.

10. Illuminated staircase

Steps which are infused with bright light is always a good idea. It looks simply amazing and is practical too. It makes that old saying watch your step easier to follow.

11. Highlighting the works of art

The focus here is not so much on the doorway but rather on the side garden which throws light toward the living room where the works of art are presented through the window.

12. Lighting the fountain

The fountain is here the main aesthetic object presented through the clever lighting. There is a certain sense of magic made alive through the sparkling water.

13. Indoor lighting

This approach depends on the dim lighting of the ceiling so that the interior light is reflected outside in case one is expecting guests.

14. Dramatic lighting

If you want to illuminate the entrance areas such as this one which has a rustic old aspect to it the lighting should be dim. It should be dramatic and intense using accentuating lights creating this kind of historical candlelight effect.

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Be inspired with these amazing ideas on how to impress your friends and family with the entrance to your home!

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