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Tips for creating a country style bathroom

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Going country in your home décor is a great way to create a cosy, hospitable space. Traditionally, country homes relied on re-purposing furniture and utilizing pieces for as long as possible. Generally, the way to achieve this aesthetic is to find vintage and antique furniture and opt for rustic finishes through incorporating stoneware and wooden tones into the home. Another good rule of thumb is to strive for simplicity in your country design schemes. Still, each room varies in the specifics for how to decorate in accordance with country style. Perhaps a particularly tricky place to cultivate country charm is in the bathroom. We are here to help!  Check out these seven guidelines for creating a country style bathroom. Happy decorating!

Let there be natural light

Country homes are inextricably tied to the natural. In the predominating hues, materials used in furnishing, and even the lifestyle that historically goes along with country living is undeniably bound to the tides of nature. Therefore, one straightforward way to bring a little country to your home is to illuminate your décor in natural lighting. Keeping exposure to the great outdoors really is the essence of country life. Further, natural lighting is typically the kind that puts us the most at ease, and country style design is all about achieving the utmost sense of comfort. We love the way the evergreens outside complement the neutral white and wooden tones in this bathroom. The soft light creates a sense of cheer in the bathroom as the sunshine pleasantly illuminates its contents.

Pastel palettes

Country homes are some of the most naturally inviting of all forms of design. A wonderful way to achieve the utmost charm in your country bathroom is to incorporate soft pastel colours into the room. They are most easily illuminated in natural light, so this will also help you to maximise the sunlight your bathroom has access to. This stunning bathroom by Eclectic Design Studio masterfully depicts the effective use of pastel shades. The lovely light blue walls and wooden beams, yellow accented curtains, and light grey furnishings wok beautifully with the wooden floors and white appliances. The room feels effortlessly bright and quite apparently country. Going with blue and white colour schemes in particular is likely to bring you the most success in the realm of pastels. Going with light, pastel window treatments will help you to maintain privacy in your bathroom while still allowing sunlight to pass through.

Wooden flooring with the right finish

Choosing to leave your hardwood floor exposed in your bathroom is very much aligned with the country home aesthetic. Particularly, keep them minimally finished for an added rustic look. Wooden floors can add a warm, natural essence to any space. However light or dark, the typical brown colour tones of hardwood go handsomely with pastel shades. Pair with an area rug if you prefer to stand barefooted on something softer than a bare floor. Look for a rug that is simple and monochromatic to maintain the country feel. This is a great example of the way that a beautiful hardwood floor can really tie the bathroom together in the country theme. The rustic finish of the hardwood flooring really brings to life the sage green vanity and mirror as well as the plain white walls. Not to mention that the whole scene looks even better with the added touch of sunlight. 

The freestanding tub and other period pieces

Country home decorating is all about capturing the right essence of the old within the contemporary. This is because country lifestyle is all about utilitarianism just as much as it is about cultivating a sense of comfort and charm. Those living in the countryside know all too well the importance of using what they have for as long as possible. This often manifests itself in holding onto those high quality pieces no matter how dated they might seem, and in this realm it just works aesthetically. That’s why a great way to achieve a country look is to incorporate some lovely antique and vintage pieces. A great period piece for the bathroom is the freestanding tub. This gorgeous porcelain tub with intricate feet is just what we are talking about! We completely encourage you to take the classic sense of functionality of farm life and turn it country chic.

The importance of tiling

Another place to cultivate that oh so country blue and white colour palette we were telling you about is with the creative incorporation of ceramic tiling. With the sheer variety of vintage ceramic tiles available in this day and age it is certainly possible to go this route without worrying about the bathroom looking too kitschy. Working the tiling in with the help of other bathroom accessories is a good way to accomplish this. For instance, the shower curtain in this bathroom offsets the blue and white repetition in the tiling by adding more green and another element of texture. Another important note with the tiling is to balance the tiling with a more monochromatic backdrop. This bathroom does so expertly by using plan white and blue tiling in addition to the patterned options. Try doing just one wall in tiles or perhaps accenting with tiles in the shower area.

Get fancy in the lighting

Most of country design is about maintaining a sense of rusticity and simplicity. Yet there are certainly places to break out of this guideline whilst still operating within the bounds of what qualifies as country. The perfect place to do so is with the lighting. Adding the right touch of glass and brass to the bathroom in the light fixture will give the room a pleasant sparkle. Choosing a fixture with faux candlesticks will absolutely bring about that country rustic vibe. It is also an opportunity to add some antique décor to the room. This mini chandelier is the focal point in this bathroom. Somehow it looks utterly at home in the midst of the natural lighting, freestanding tub, and wooden hues in this bathroom. Talk about country charm!

Place flowers in planters

Imagine living in a rural setting where you have access to a big garden full of flowers and homemade produce. Perhaps on long walks through the forest you periodically stop to collect some wildflowers with which to decorate your home. If you follow this sense of repurposing and utilitarianism, showcasing these flowers in a country home would not involve the use of fancy vases. Instead it would likely happen that flowers would be places in glass mason jars or pitchers like the one we see in this bathroom. It surely adds a nice element of rustic charm to the room, and you will likely find that you already have just the right implement that is currently collecting dust in your own kitchen pantry. Keeping it simple with the thoughtful incorporation of personalised details like this is your ticket to creating a true country ambiance.

If you loved these tips for creating a country bathroom, check out this Ideabook on making your kitchen more rustic. 

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